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Any comments on results below would be very helpful. Should I still supplement B12?

I am reposting this with my throid results included as advised to do by a member just now. In the search to feel better I am on various supplements. I have low white blood count and low neutrofil count which suggests an auto immune problem? Have never had Lymmes disease as far as aware no ticks on my body!

Serum iron level is low 11 (14-29)

low transferrin saturation index 16 (20 - 40)

serum transferrin is high 2.71 (1.6 -2.7)

B12 is normal 493 (120 - 625)

Serum folate is high 24.3 (4.6 - 18.7)

I have been on Vit B complex supplements - should I still supplement vit b12? Have stopped the vitB complex for now.

My thyroid test results are

TSH 1.21 (0.34 - 5.6)

Serum free triiodothyronine level 4.3 (3.8 - 6.0)

Serum free T4 12.1 (7.9 - 20.0)

Have symptoms of Hypothyroid problems (carpel tunnel, tinnitus, aches and pains sacoilliitus and foot pain) and am trying to sort it. Doctor says not a thyroid problem but when I read this forum it seems so relevant to me. Good to have it here to read with you all.

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If your folate is high, it would be a good idea to supplement with the B12. If the folate is high because you took it in the days before your blood test, it shouldn't be anything to worry about but you really need that B12 to turn that homocysteine into methionine, which is a very important amino acid. Homocysteine is a intermediate product that needs to be converted otherwise, if it builds up, it can cause neurological problems such as some of the ones you are describing. Taking B12 will be a good thing.

Your iron is definitely too low. You would be best to supplement. Your B vitamins will help here too. Iron deficiency could also be contributing to your symptoms. Also iron is needed to convert T4 to T3 and also to get T3 into the cells so it can be used. You might feel better once your iron is back up because of sorting out the anaemia and also getting the thyroid hormones into your cells.

If, once your iron problem is sorted out and have been on B12 for a while, you are still having symptoms you might want to get your thyroid test repeated. An underlying thyroid problem might be masked by your iron problem. If it is your thyroid, your iron still needs sorting out otherwise you will not get better on the thyroid hormones because you won't be able to convert and use the thyroxine very well.

I would recommend asking your doctor to check your ferritin (stored iron), which needs to be around 70-90, and your vitamin D as both of these could be contributing.

I hope that helps

Carolyn x


Thank you so much for that information Carolyn I will get some B12. Yes I have recently started iron supplementation but was unsure of the B12 situation. Presumably I should just get B12 not the B complex that I have been taking? I am getting the T3 T4 Genova diagnostic test too to see if am converting as maybe this is a problem too as you say. My ferritin was 81 and vit D 85 so I guess both those were fine. Thanks again. I so hope I get to the bottom of this!!


If you're going to supplement B12 you really need to get a high dose sublingual (that you dissolve slowly under the tongue, at least 45mins). There are lots of brands but a good one is Jarrows, 1000mcg or 5000mcg available. The B-complex you have been taking likely has a tiny amount of B12, which would be why your folate has been building up, B12 and folate need each other. If you're going to take sublinguals it's a good idea to keep taking the B-complex, to keep the other B's in balance. Your symptoms could quite easily be attributable to B12 deficiency, as well as thyroid:



If you supplement with B12 it has to be methylcobalamin.

B complex is good. All the B vitamins are vital for good thyroid function but they all have a different role to play.


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