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Accident prone?

I seem to be increasingly clumsy. Last week I split my skull open, scraped all the skin off the back of one hand, this week I have managed to get a nail imbedded in my arm and broken two toes. I cannot pin down what is happening, but think it may be spacial awareness. Doors jump out at me, furniture is lurking ready to pounce, and it was the hoover that broke my toes - it attacked me as I suspect it took one look at the carpet and rebelled. Unless I buy a blow up sumo wrestler suit, has anyone any ideas how I can stop hurting myself? Anyone else having this problem?

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I do. A colleague described me as a 'pin ball' as I tend to bounce of the walls! I think this is partly due to me be much larger than I'm used to but also down to my B12 problem. I have been much better since getting my B12 up.

Have you had your B12 tested? It's just a possibility...


I forgot to say, I hope you're ok now! You've been through the wars a bit!


Hi serenfach! I am really accident prone. I walk into furniture, stub my toes, burn myself, trip myself up etc,etc. I've always got bruises, burns and broken toes and worse - a walking catastrophe!


this is TOTALLY normal for hypo people... take your temperature every morning before you get up (keep a thermometer by the bed) if your temperature is 97.9 or less you are properly hypo and need to change your medication either to more or to different..

good luck.. and stay away from DIY or heavy machinery until you get your meds sorted!

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These are symptoms of B12 deficiency. extract:-



'shoulder bumps’ – frequently bumping into or falling against walls

general unsteadiness, especially when showering and dressing

inability to stand up with eyes closed or in the dark

Numbness/tingling – especially in hands, arms, legs, feet

Tinnitus – nerve damage in the brain

- See more at: pernicious-anaemia-society....



Thanks for all the replies - it really helps. My B12 was "normal" as was my ferritin, Guess its just me, but hey ho, how many more "surprises" will this Hashis chuck at me?