Peripheral Neuropathy

Does anyone know if there is a link between peripheral neuropathy and hypothyroidism? I have seen my GP recently because of unexplained pain in two of my toes on my left foot. She said it could be due to neuropathy and has referred me for a scan of my foot. I know my B12 was low on my last blood test and I read that that could be a possible cause. I'm not diabetic and I don't drink alcohol so I was wondering if being hypothyroid had any bearing on it, and if so, why.

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No idea if this is reliable but it's on topic.

That's a very interesting paper, thanks for sharing. It just reinforces the importance of the medical world paying proper attention to how the thyroid can impact on patients' overall well being. It's not just about feeling tired and having brain fog.

If your b12 is low that is more likely to be the cause. What is your GP doing about your low B12?

I'm taking Garden of Life B12 oral spray and eating liver once a week. My nails have started to hared for the first time in many years so that's a good sign.

If you are B12 deficient you should have been getting injections, not using a spray - it might be tricky to get your GP to start you on injections now you've been supplementing (if they try to retest your results will be skewed). I would post your results and question on the pernicious anaemia forum and get some advice.

Thanks for your reply. How long to have to stop supplementing before retesting?

Scroll down in the above link to read the neurological signs and symptoms of B12 deficiency - there are many. The whole website is dedicated to B12 including a Draft letter to write to your GP if you feel you are not receiving the correct treatment. Am afraid we have to read ... and read to find wellness :-)

That's a great article and so clear. I think I have all of those symptoms on some days !! I'm worried my GP will think I'm neurotic as I keep going back to her with all these vague but debilating symptoms.

Your body - your health :-) Did your GP suggest treatment for the LOW B12 ? Anything under 500 can be the cause of neurological conditions. Do you know your result ? How much B12 is in the spray ? You need a GOOD B Complex as well to keep all the B's in balance as B9 works with B12 in the body ...

Look at the video in the B12 link I posted for you above - really scary as to how very serious B12 deficiency can be .... Click onto Films on the Menu for the videos .... Also buy the book - Could it be B12 ? - by Sally Pacholok - every home should have a copy.

My B12 is top of the range, but I have many hypo symptoms despite my FT4 being mid range and my FT3 in the upper quadrant. My feet are numb and so are my fingers. I have carpal tunnel in both hands so badly I can barely use them some times, and de quervains tenosynovitis in my left thumb. When I am not hypo these things are not a problem

My B12 was good i.e. high in the range but when I was on Levo I had many aches and pains especially in my feet and legs. 38 Years ago I had a badly sprained ankle but never had any pain since, until I was put on Levo in 2015 then it started to ache like mad. I am now on NDT and T3 and never have any aches or pains and I am 71 years old.

If two specific toes are affected, it's more likely to be something like Morton's neuroma than a general neuropathy. It's caused by the metatarsals trapping a nerve and causing it to swell sending pain down the nerve to two toes. The treatment is a specially designed insole from the orthotics department that keeps the metatarsals apart relieving the pressure on the nerves. Hopefully the scan should pick up the problem, although a good doctor would be able to diagnose without a scan. Hope you get it sorted soon.

Thanks so much! That’s very reassuring. I’m inclined to blame everything on my thyroid problem. I guess years of bad footwear and on my feet a lot could do it. There is also a bit of what feels like extra growth between my third and second toes. I read these could be bone spurs but I don’t want an operation.

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