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Advice re blood tests please

Hi, I'm new to this site and must say I'm finding it very helpful but am quite confused over some blood tests I've had. Just to give a little background, I had a first fit (tonic clonic) a few weeks ago, which was completely out of the blue and really scared me. I've had a CT scan (nothing detected), EEG, and MRI booked for this week, and due to go back to consultant in September. In the meantime, my GP suggested we could test for thyroid, which came back as borderline (T4 11.6 (10.6-21.0) and TSH 5.89 (0.4-4.0). I talked to my GP about symptoms I am getting, and she then got some thyroid antibody tests done, which have just come back at 3000. The receptionist told me to rebook in to see my GP as these were high / abnormal, so I'm due to go back in another 3 weeks. I really don't know how to interpret these results, or if I should be asking for any others to be done. I did mention to my GP about the T3, but she said they don't test for those unless the T4 and TSH are abnormal.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks.

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im new too, and certainly no expert, but you look hypothyroid to me!! the tsh is out of the range and the t4 is right at the bottom of the range, plus you have antibodies...i would go back to your gp and ask for treatment on levothyroxine..really hope you get the help and treatment you need x


New or not, I agree with you.


You might find this paper interesting as it sounds a close parallel to your experience:

And this:

There are other papers, though few seem to be very recent. And some of them refer to veterinary medicine - specifically, dogs!



Looks to me like you have hashimoto's disease and are hypothyroid. You should start on thyroxine straight away. Once on treatment you may find health problems go away.


Many thanks for taking time to reply, I really appreciate it


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