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Hey, I recently saw the GP regarding my blood results and they said my level was 28.. She asked if I was still taking my meds.. I explained that I had stopped about 4 weeks prior due to sweating, feeling like I wanted to vomit, dizzy, lost weight but ever since I stopped taking my medication I feel really good!!!.. She said it doesn't matter I still have to take them.. I'm on levothyroxine 75g, I asked if there was a alternative medication but she refused to even check until I got upset and then said she would write a letter to the consultant.. I said I would like to see him but she said she would write.. I have had issue after issue with my thyroid and just feel I'm being listened too.. I have re started the medication and now sweating, and basically feel like I did before..

Before I had my thyroid removed I had radiation, as they found a lump on my thyroid.. It came back benign after it was removed!!!

If anyone could help me with any of the problems I'm having I would really grateful for any input

Thank you Zara

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Sorry should be not been listened too

Ask your GP to check levels of vitamin d, b12, folate and ferritin. These all need to be at good (not just normal) range for Levo to work

Are you taking any other medication? Eg HRT if so these need to be taken at least 4 hours away from Levo

When do you take Levo. It needs to be on empty stomach, just with water. No food or drink (even tea or coffee) for an hour after. Many take on waking, some of us prefer taking at bedtime.

Did GP start you at 75mcg? Or did you work up to this slowly in 25mcg hops? In view of your medical history (seeing previous post) I would guess you had to start on smaller dose and build up.

Many people who have been hyper or had thyroid removed due to possible cancer seem to need TSH lower than normal to feel well, or have to add small amount T3. But they'd probably be reluctant to try t3 due to stroke.

Ask for referral back to endo.

Hi honey,

Thank you so much for you message, the GP really wasn't much help she said that I'm Hypo at 28.. When I had my thyroid out I was on 200 levo and I felt amazing.. I was on that until a yr and half ago and out the blue without any tests they dropped it till 75mg.. I went to see them and didn't want to know.. I said to her I want to see my consultant but no good.. I'm going to see another GP this week and get referred as I really am not coping at all!!!.. I'm on Aspirin 75mg

Citilapram 20mg

Levo 75mg

Vitamin D 1000 unit x2

omeprazole X 10mg

Thank you so much for you help and advice means so much.. 😃

I haven't tried taking them in the evening.. Maybe I should try that see how I get on too...

I said to the GP about when to take them as I thought it was what you said before food.. As that's what I was doing.. She said "oh any time it doesn't matter".. I knew she was wrong but she didn't listen.. It's disheartening when you see a professional that doesn't seem interested in what you have to say 😞

How long have you been taking Omeprazole ? What was the problem ? Your B12 will be LOW and can cause depression or LOW mood along with other issues.

Hiya, I have been on Omeprazole for years now... They put me on it as I got really bad chest pain.. And they put it down to my meds reacting to me.. I have another appointment on 21st July to see yet another GP so I'll ask to do blood test on B12.. Also ask to see my consultant again.. I started my meds again and as before I'm feeling yuk!! Thank you so much for you rely so grateful xx

Omeprazole is to suppress acid in the stomach. Designed to be a short-term medication - around 8 weeks. Look at the PIL - patient Information Leaflet - that comes with the tablets.

We NEED acid to break down foods in the stomach so we can benefit from the vitamins and minerals.

It is a tablet that Docs go to all too readily without thinking of the consequences for the patient - and of course it earns good money for the Practice. It is a huge money spinner for Big Pharma.

What were the drugs that were causing the chest pain ?'s/group/thyroiduk

The above link will take you to other discussions about acid suppressant medications. Please read .....

Excellent article above about PPI's .... :-)

Hiya, They said it's because of my aspirin.. I asked for coated ones but went back to normal ones..they thought it was angina for year before realising it wasn't!!!

Thank you for the links I'm gonna have a read up now..

I had a letter today referring me back to hospital to see my consultant.. So hopefully I will get what I need from him..

Consultant for what ?

Have you had your B12 tested ?

Regardingmy thyroid and what they want to do next with meds... Thinking about it I don't even remember having my B12 tested.. Every time I have tests it's for thyroid only..

So ask for the FULL Thyroid Profile - TSH - FT4 - FT3 - Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg. Also you will need the following tested - B12 - FERRITIN - FOLATE - VITD

So make a shopping list :-)

Hope you read the article I posted for you about the PPI you are taking.

Wow!!! That was so mind blowing... I had no idea.. Another one for my list to take with me.. I'm going to sto my Omeprazole for now until I go to my appointment thanks honey..

I believe it can be difficult to stop. Taper it off slowly and look for a natural replacement.

Thank you so much.. Such an eye opener

Can I just say, I only took Omeprazole for a couple of days and suffered rebound effects when I stopped, so it just goes to show. If you have been taking it for years please taper off it with care and possibly be sure you have something else stocked for the discomfort x

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