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24 hr Saliva Test for Adrenal Function from Red Apple. I need help with what sort of meds I should be taking?

Right, here goes with the results:- Cortisol-DHEA Correlation. DHEA elevated at 18, range is 3-10ng/ml (pooled value). I'm in box 6 on my result test, top right of the box at 18

Adrenal Stress Index (Original)

Free Cortisol Rhythm

06.00 08.00 am 14 normal 13.24nM

11.00 am 13.00 10 normal 5-10nM

14.00 - 17.00 7 normal 3-8nM

22.00 - 2359 4 normal 1-4nM

These results they say are within normal range but only just, with the morning being too low and the night result too high and that I would need support.

They also go on to say that there are some causal factors such as:

1. Intentional or unintentional DHEA intake. (None that I am aware of!)

2. Increased ACTH stimulation with an insufficient response in cortisol production which allows ongoing ACTH overproduction and hyper-stimulation of DHEA synthesis.

3.Deficiency in enzymatic cortisol synthesis e.g. 21-hydroxylase deficiency with high

17-OH Progesterone (My result here is on the lower end of normal so might need support - my test 35 - optimal 22-100). Under these conditions, the runaway ACTH production causes adrenal hypertrophy/hyperplasia.

4. Androgen-producing or virilising tumours.

Total Salivary SIgA - Result 14 Depressed ( Normal 25-40mg/dl Borderline 20-25mg/dl).

I know you guys aren't doctors (if we were, perhaps we would be a lot better off lol !!!), but just need pointing in the right direction of what immediate support I should have

But what I don't understand is WHAT SUPPORT I need. Do I need to have cortisol, DHEA, both or something else?

Also, because I did this test privately, it may be the case that my GP may not even want to look at the results let alone give me some medication. Given that the results are within 'NORMAL' range he might not give me any meds purely on that result alone?

I would appreciate any help you can give.

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I suspect this is a result of your thyroid problems.

You may not need medication as such for this but supplements and other self-help measures might help with recovery.

Are you hypothyroid? If so what, if anything, are you taking for this? It is important that you are on adequate thyroid medication although you may find you can't get your dose high enough until your adrenals have recovered.

Some of the recommended measures for adrenal fatigue;

Plenty of sleep; early nights, lie-ins etc

Resting during the day when tired, preferably lying down

Removing as much stress from your life as possible

Learning how to deal with stress effectively (easier said than done!)

Vitamin C supplements

Licorice root

Adrenal cortex glandular supplement

Ensuring there are no vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

Make sure iron levels (inc. ferritin) are good

Avoid caffeine, nicotine, sugar, processed foods etc

Eat a healthy diet

Regular GENTLE exercise with rest afterwards

I'm sure there are more things you can be doing too. There is lots of information on the internet so you may want to have a read.

I hope that helps a little. If you find you don't recover, or even start to get worse, you might need hydrocortisone but this is usually used for more severe cases where the above doesn't help.

Carolyn x


I forgot to mention to have fun! It can be simple things that help, like chatting with a friend, watching your favourite comedy, listening to your favourite music... anything you enjoy.


Dr Peatfield stresses that B5, Zinc[my note: with copper] and Magnesium, Vit C & E are important for adrenal support before thyroid can be helped. [+Rest as above , of course]

You will have to work out a protocol for yourself, though- as levels/needs vary a lot between individuals.

Maybe consult a naturopathic healer or nutritionist?

Docs don't get into this much- though some may know more than others.

Tests for them are mandatory, really -then they will move, if slowly -and jogged to do it..

It sounds like you have some details to discus with GP, though.


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