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Adrenal function help I am loosing my hair!

Hi lovely people,

Does anyone know where I can get a saliva test for adrenal function ?

Also the last month I have noticed that my hair is thinning badly. I am not shedding hair, but I can see my scalp where I couldn't before. It is just like straw, and so dry.

Any help would be appreciated. I have tried Meadow sweet shampoo and conditioner but to no avail.

Don't know what to try next, or if anything else will help.

Thanks everyone

Hugs Sophie ☺ xx

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Hi Sophie, well, it's definitely not low iron, is it. Hmm. That's very associated with low iron, but your ferritin is too high, if anything. And your thyroid ain't undermedicated by your last results, but I'm pretty ignorant on interpreting those, maybe I'm wrong.

How are you feeling, other than the hair? I'm sure it's something intrinsic, something biochemical - not something conditioner will help with - there is an autoimmune hair loss condition. Aggh. But it might not be that.


Hi Aspmama,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes my ferritin is high but I can't seem to get to the bottom of it. The endo I went to see privately said that if my blood test came back with a fasting transferrin saturation of less than 45 it was okay. My heamoglobin was only 14 so he said the ferritin wasn't a problem, so I am still confused.

I feel totally exhausted throughout my body even my face and head, which seems strange.

My eyes are blurry, my bones and muscles ache like mad.

I have brain fog, a sore mouth and possible Sleep Apnoea. Being tested for this on Wednesday.

I have bad tinnitus, but I have Menieres Disease so I am used to that, but at the minute it is in overdrive.

I feel very rundown and as if I feel have flu.

In general quite unwell.

That's the shopping list.

Thanks so much for replying

Hugs Sophie ☺ xx

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Poor love, you've got a lot going on. Have you had any tests for levels of inflammation? That could be raising your ferritin, though I would not have thought to quite this point.

Iron isn't hidden in any of the supplements you take, is it?


Thanks so iron in any supplements.

I have had full blood count with my doctor, what would be the tests for inflammation?


Sophie ☺ x


CRP is one of them, from memory. Say "Could you test to rule out the possibility that high inflammation is causing the raised ferritin?"

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I lost a lot of hair over 3 years.My GPs were always happy with my blood tests.I now believe my adrenals needed healing & I became unable to convert the T4 in thyroxine to T3.

My scalp became itchy & ultra dry,my hair fell out.

I stopped all shampoo & used a very mild natural soap.I would recommend not using shampoo or conditioner for awhile.When wet,I would gently massage lots of 99% aloe vera gel into my scalp,let it dry overnight(avoiding using a hairdrier)brushing it out in the morning.

I would apply more if itchy,sore or dry between washes.

My problem began to resolve when I added T3.Now I am on T3 only & am able to use shampoo again.I now use Dead Sea Magik shampoo.According to Amazon reviews it is popular with psoriasis sufferers.It is the best shampoo I have found.

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Thanks Naomi i8,

Really useful info, especially the shampoo.

Did you do a saliva test for adrenal fatigue? If so could you let me know where you got it from?

Thanks again

Hugs Sophie ☺ xx


You can get the saliva adrenal test from Genova. Link on ThyroidUK website END01 is the cortisol/DHEA test.


Thanks so much SeasideSusie

Sophie ☺


Hi again,

If I had the saliva adrenal test from Geneva, is there anyone who could interpret the results for me? I really can't afford the £95 for the doctors extra 30 minute phone call to interpret them.


Hugs Sophie ☺ x


I think if you post your results on here there should be someone who can help.

I had mine done in July and on the back there are notes in the Commentary section which gives some explanation. Also Dr Myhill gives guidance on her website


Thanks Susie

☺ xx


Hi Sophie

In 2012 I went to see Dr Peatfield & took the results of a Genova 24 hour saliva test with me.He diagnosed adrenal fatigue.I took the supplements he recommended for 6 months (adrenal support,thyroid support)After that I followed my own protocol,using online research.

I was half way through a 2 year depression & retching every morning with high cortisol & high anxiety when I took the saliva test.

This was followed by 2 years of chronic fatigue.

I read both of Paul Robinson's books & followed his T3 only method for adrenal healing,beginning this August.


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