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cont. my neck

seen my gp yesterday,i gave her a long list of symptoms and she asked me what i think its causing it. i replied my thyroid. then she said if i tell you that your thyroid is fine will you be convinced. i said no,coz if my thyroid is fine why do i have my symptoms? so she said she'll look at all my symptoms and meanwhile i will have my tPO and vit Dtested. sorry i totally forgot to ask for fT3 and thyroglobulin but at i was so happy she listened. she checked my neck but could not feel anything and told her i nearly choked the other day. i still feel like i have sore throat but i am so glad of the outcome. my heart was racing waiting for her to see me. she also said coz i do nights i may be very likely to be deficisnt of vit D.

now question... does it cause symptoms of hypothyroid or the other way around? any insights?

thanks everyone for all your help.

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Being low in vitD (and B12) can cause symptoms that mimic thyroid symptoms which is why it can all be very confusing. Low iron can also cause extreme tiredness as well and this is why it is important to get them all tested, along with your ferritin and folate levels. Doing this will help you determine what is causing what symptom and what, if anything, you should be supplementing. Whether your GP will be open to testing all these for you is another matter as they do tend to keep the purse strings firmly closed these days.

And well done you for sticking to your guns and asking for further testing to be done

Moggie x


I was almost convinced that my daughter has thyroid problems like I do but she actually have vitamin B12 deficency


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