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Medication raised

6 weeks on from a TSH reading of 68.6 and T4 of 3.3 and a pescribed dose of 50mg levothyroxine I'm pleased to report a much better blood test report.

I now have a TSH reading of 24 and a T4 reading of 12.

I still feel rubbish though but I am very pleased with my Doctor, she doubled my medication today to 100mg and genuinely does seem very helpful. Ok, I'm only at the beginning of my journey, her attitude may change but today I'm feeling really positive after a month of feeling so rubbish. Thought I would post my positivity to give some people hope at the beginning of their thyroid journey x

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Really good to hear you are travelling in the right direction.



That is good news. Hopefully you will be feeling very much better in the near future :)


Thank you both x


You do find some good GP's who know how best to treat thyroid gland problems.

I hope you feel better soon.


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