Starting medication

Hi, 6 weeks ago TSH 3.47 and T4 12.4

Last week TSH 3.54  and T4 11.9

Tested positive for hasimoto antivirus

Symptoms are horendous all the usual...unexplained weigh gain,foggy head, dementia like brain, beyond tired tiredness ect ect..

GP rubbish wont prescribe as levels are within range...( familiar story i can see)

But he has reffered me to an Endo but appointment isnt until end of April...i just dont want to feel this ill for another day let alone a few more weeks...anyway here i am on holiday in Turkey where lo and behold i have bought LEVOTIRON 25mcg over the counter!!!

The plan is to start this in the morning!!

Few things i wish to know...what is the starting dose?  1x 25mcg first thing in morn an hour before food

Is 25 the normal starting dose or higher? I am  female 5 ft 5 and weigh 10.5 stone

Then what is the protocal how do i build it up?

The plan is to stop this a week before seing endo so if he wants bloods done it wont show so that i can be prescribed LEVO on nhs at home but i am buying this here just incase endo is like my GP and wont prescribe yet as i really cant bear feeling like this anymore

If anyone can help i would more than appreciate it

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  • Oh...ok that puts a spanner in the works then doesnt it

  • KGeorge,

    It will take up to 8 weeks to clear Levothyroxine from your system and for thyroid hormone and TSH levels to return to baseline.  I wouldn't risk taking T3 this close to your appointment either.  It's not worth scuppering your chance of a NHS diagnosis and treatment by self medicating this close to your appointment.

  • I agree.. I am going to wait...whats another 3 weeks of feeling like crap eh? You Re right wait it out see what endo says and self medicate if he wants to leave it i think.... Thanx everyone xx

  • Oh caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.....what do i do? Agghhh stick it out til 21st april see what endo says? If he wont prescribe then i can start doing it myself...perhaps he may do a T3 test then i would know if i am converting as i suppose T4 (levo) would be pretty useless anyway...oh gosh this is  so frustrating

  • KGeorge,

    The starting dose for someone under 50 without heart disease and with mildly elevated TSH 3.54 is likely to be 25-50mcg if you can get treatment when TSH is within range.

    It's unlikely a NHS lab will test FT3 unless TSH is suppressed <0.1 and very often <0.03.

  • Going to wait till i see endo on 21st see what test he may/may not want to run and take it from there hoping he wil prescribe a low dose to start to get me back to some kind of fully functioning life!

  • You also need to ensure the basics are in place for T4 or T3 to work well in the body.  So have the following tested too - FERRITIN - B12 - FOLATE - VITD - they all need to be OPTIMAL for the thyroid hormones to work well and for you to feel well.

    As you have Hashimotos - it would also help to be gluten free - and read up on Hashimotos so you are well prepared for the Endo appointment.  To the RIGHT of this page there is a heading TOPICS - scroll down to find the sub-heading Hashimotos.

      I was diagnosed in 2005 and had to read and learn so much in order to find wellness.  You cannot rely on the GP nor many Endos come to that.  Have you researched your Endo ?  You really need one that specialises in the Thyroid - and they are rare.

  • Hi Marz...i have just posted up an update on endo appoint today have had all above tested all in range however not "optimal"  so i have been supplimenting for 8 weeks there is a great facbook closed group called vitamin D wellness and there is a vitamin protocal on there...i have leared so much from there and have spent since feb researching so i wont be fobbed off... Will look ip the topics now,...thanx buddy 

  • Have they discussed the controversy surround VitD and being TH1 dominant ?

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