I feel rubbish

Like totally rubbish. Like I'm back at the very beginning if this journey.

I'm soooo tired. I have NO energy. I'm feeling low. I'm craving sugar but I know that's just coz I'm tired. My stomach is killing me. It's keeping me awake at night in pain. I have the runs. My nails are falling off.

I feel depressed.

I'm having heart palpitations.

It's 3 weeks until I see my Endo. That feels like a lifetime away.

Sorry this is so utterly miserable. I'm not normally this miserable.

Why do I feel like I've taken a million steps back?

I'm going Gluten Free from tomorrow.

I feel rubbish.


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  • So sorry you aren't feeling well. I read that you recently upped your Levo dosage from 100mcg to 125mcg. That was about 4-5 weeks ago?

    Without lab results it is difficult to assess why you are feeling poorly. Did you initially feel better when you upped the dosage?

    My gut instinct tells me you may be overmedicated and have shot passed your "optimum" levels. This happened to me last fall - I kept increasing thinking I would go "hyper" (meaning, I would experience symptoms of hyperthyroidism) but instead, I became more and more fatigued. Once I cut back my dosage, I started to feel much better.

    You could try going back down to 100 mcg (why did you increase in the first place? were your hypo symptoms returning?) or even, drop to 112.50mcg - cutting the increase dose by half (could do this by alternating days 100/125) and see how you feel.

  • Hi. I don't think it's that. I think I'm still really under medicated and it's just taking its toll on me. Sorry I was so miserable yesterday. Just a really bad day. X

  • i suggest you start with your diet and what cookware you use

    eat only fresh produce that you prepare yourself

    no gluten and whatever you do only use cast iron or stainless steel or glass

    get rid of aluminium or non stick coated or foil ...they are lethal

  • Hi there...l hope you are feeling allot better..Trust me you are not alone.. since last September l was feeling totally shattered; sometimes waking up totally like l couldnt lift a finger and terrible pain in my stomach area as well..instantly l was reaching for tea and dollop of honey to revive myself my kids sweeties.. l've stopped eating pasta no potatoes no bread no weet ability no muesli no cheese and changed my milk too..seriously it took a few days but my stomach acid doesn't exist anymore..no more runs either.. evil bread was the cause of all the bloating too..l hope you feel better soon. Jools9

  • Is this bloating or could you actually have Coeliac Disease? CD can cause tiredness due to lack of vitamins and minerals especially iron/ferritin. Stomach cramps and runs are classic symptoms of CD and it can be typical to have more than one auto-immune disease. Thats what happened to me - I thought I felt rubbish due to thyroid not being medicated properly but in fact I also had Coeliac which meant I couldn't absorb food and nutrients and medicine properly.

    I recommend that you get tested - Have a look at the Coeliac UK website


  • Dear judburke thx for your reply. All my life l've been very slim and was never so keen on any kind of food since last was small my mum had terrible problems feeding me..food actually hurt me as it does to this date..she hasnot bother to read in between the lines and always told me that I was a difficult child to feed. I always thought that it was down to me being difficult not liking the food..in my adult days never thought of this could be a reason to go n see a doctor almost feel guilty to take up their time. You might be right.. l m size 16 now am embarrassed to see a doctor as they brand me a fat person who eats chips and sausages all day.. Haven't touched a potato 20 yrs probably. Never eat crisps.. l don't eat much and when I do l'm in excruciating pain..l eat spinach salad, boiled eggs..tuna,chicken very small amount.. l m in pain today because I had a cup of tea with 2 digestive biscuits.. l don't know if the doctors will treat my case as an actual problem.. that's the problem. Thx again for your input. Jools 9

  • It sounds like you might have a gut problem or food intolerance. Have a look at the Coeliac site and speak to your Dr. Don't let them say that you don't have a problem just because for now you are overweight. Not everyone with Coeliac has the runs meaning they lose weight. I started to lose my surplus weight when my body was healed and being nourished properly.

    Ask your Dr to test you for Coeliac and also to test your Iron/Ferritin, D3 and B12 as you need good levels of these for your health.

    Good luck getting it sorted and don't give up asking. It took me three years to get my diagnosis of Coeliac - my Dr wanted to discuss depression but I knew it wasn't that

  • Thanx. I will ask for those in the morning.

    I've already blown my DRs mind with my thyroid issues so this will be icing on the cake...

  • Sadly Drs don't know too much about gut and auto-immune issues which is why we have these great forums

  • Agreed 😊

  • Sorry about the typo where it says weet suppose to be Weetabix..jools9

  • If you have the runs which are unexplained then ask your Dr to test you for Coeliac. Stomach cramps are also a classic symptom.


    Has your Dr done key blood tests? B12, iron/ferritin and B12?

    I would ask your Dr to run these tests first before going gluten free as if you are Coeliac the blood test will come back negative as going gluten free before testing gives a false negative result. If you need more info please contact Coeliac UK - they are very helpful and as I wrote below it can be typical for us to have more than one auto-immune issue. Thats what happened to me.

    Good luck finding out what it wrong :)

  • Thank you! I just did the test and it says I need to be tested. I'm in France. Do you know what the test involves? Thanx

  • I've just looked that up. My question is....if I have it I just go gluten free right? So I might as well just go gluten free and not bother with getting tested?

  • You can just go gluten free but you won't know for sure if that it is the issue. Personally I would prefer to know as in UK there might be follow up testing to ensure that your body is healing. For Coeliacs if you have had it a long time then your bones might be thin - Drs can test for this if you are diagnosed. Also your Dr might refer you to a dietician to help with your food and vitamins and mineral supplements. There really is a lot to learn about Coeliac to help your health and recovery so I recommend that you seek professional help. Gluten is in many foods and drinks that you would not expect and if you are in fact Coeliac you must go 100% gluten free and not just exclude things like bread and pasta - its a much bigger issue. There is another community on here called gluten free guerrillas - I recommend that you join this one too :)

    Good luck with it - Feel free to send me a private message - if I can help you I will :)

  • Ok. I've just booked my DR st 10.20 tomorrow morning. I had a salad for lunch and am in bits. This is so not right. Eating renne as I type 😔

  • Poor you thats not nice. I hope your Dr listens to you. Take some info off the Coeliac website to help you. Let us know how you get on :)

  • Also - if you are diagnosed Coeliac there is a bigger chance that there is someone else in the family with it - Siblings, parents and children need to be tested too. My mother was Coeliac but I didn't realise the genetic link so Drs didn't make the connection

  • The first test in UK is a simple blood test to see if you have antibodies present due to the reaction against gluten - which is in wheat, barley and rye. In England then there is often a second test which is a camera and a biopsy of the gut to see the extent of the damage. In your gut are numerous villi which absorb nutrients in Coeliacs these villi are shortened or completely flattened.

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