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GM Foods-Should We Be Concerned?

I read in the Mail On Sunday yesterday a two page spread on GM Food Hysteria.

It seems that anyone who drinks milk or eats meat and dairy products in Europe is part of the GM food chain: About 85% of animal feed is also GM maize and soya mainly imported from America.

Under ' Frankenfoods ' the myths.... it states:

The Myth: Food that has been been genetically modified may be harmful to humans.

The Truth: it is estimated that humans have so far eaten more than 3 trillion meals containing GM products such as soya and maize.That doesn't include many more made with milk or meat from animals given GM feed.


Am I imagining things or are Thyroid patients advised to avoid SOYA which could inhibit the uptake of Thyroxine?

Should we be concerned about this?

Is there any chance that our milk contains Soya?

I have found nothing on the bottle to say so!

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I think that GM has been going on for thousands of years in an entirely safe way - i.e. farmers improving their stock and crops by careful breeding and fertilisation.

What does bother me though is those messing around to add/remove/replace certain genes from one species to another. This has the potential to have consequences perhaps years down the line and I find it hard to understand how they can possibly state with any confidence that it is safe. Breeding in specific features to repel weeds and/or insects also has its own worries in much the same way as bugs have found their way around antibiotics so could crops become vulnerable in the future to superweeds and insects.

I'm also concerned that however careful we are to avoid GM food it sneaks it's way in to our food chain in so many ways, and cross fertilises crops in nearby fields.

Domesday?? Not yet, but I will continue to avoid GM if possible!

Yes you are right about soya and the thyroid:

As for it being in regular milk we have little guarantee that cattle are not receiving it in their feed, but certainly in my area (ironically, Devon, home of clotted cream) it is very hard to find organic milk.

Jane x


Thanks for your reply Jane.....just one more thing to think about I suppose.

I gave up bread last week in order to cut down on gluten intake....there is at least good news there...I've lost 4 lbs.

Enjoy your day,

Margaret X