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Help for you this weekend

At Thyroid UK we are extremely lucky to have the amazing phenomenon that is Louise. Not only does she work hours and hours more every week than those she is paid for, she is this weekend giving up her whole weekend so that she can walk in the 10K Challenge in the Peak District to raise money for Thyroid UK.

Louise has 3 children and a husband to care for so her commitment and generosity go way beyond the call of duty.

Without the generosity of people making constant donations Thyroid UK could not exist, and consequently this site which has so far helped so many, could not exist either.

The best way to thank Louise for all that she does for us all is to go to this site and make as large a donation as you can:

Even a donation of 50p will contribute towards a stamp to send vital, life saving information to someone like you and me.

Here is that site again:

Thank you, Louise. Jane x

6 Replies

Kinda guessed that and was marvelling earlier today how much all of you do.

Will do. looking forward to seeing the website next week.



Thank you. Jane x


Thanks for the info and the link Jane..... donation done with much gratitude to Louise and thanks also to all staff who makes our lives a little easier.


And thank you too. Jane x


Sorry but only could make a small donation,thank you for all you have done for me if it was'nt for this site i would be still sitting like a zombie getting nowhere,


Thank YOU Graeme. Much appreciated. Jane x x


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