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Thank you to this site for all the help I have been given. I thought I wAs going mad with all the strange symptoms I was having. Yesterday I visited an Endocrinologist in Nottingham named on the Thyroid UK site. He is an amazing man and looked at me results and iddntified the issues straight away. I was with him for 2 hours! Worth every penny of the private fee and I now have a planned recovery programme in place that I will work on with my GP who was happy to refer me. At last there is light at the end of the tunnel after 8 months suffering since my TT. Thanks to the Admins for pointing me on right direction and to Louise Warville at Thyroid UK. And Clutter! Who has been very patient with my ramblings!

I still need tests like DIXA and an echocardiogram to check my bones & heart but I've had T3 added to my meds and feel more positive even though there is a long way to go.

Valerie x

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  • Brilliant news. Do they still have a thyroid register in Nottingham? Any idea what its for? I used to be on it but moved from there 15 years ago.

    G x

  • I don't know, sorry. I went to Nottingham Woodthorpe Hospital which appears to be all private. I live in NW London and found this Endo first through a friend who lives there and whose daughter had been attending the Thyroid Clinic for 23 years. X

  • Hello FlowerPower, would it be possible to PM me the name of this endo. Many thanks.

  • Oh, that is good news, Valerie. Onwards and upwards, now :)

  • Wonderful news. So pleased for you! Please give an update further down the line

  • Please be aware of the forum posting guidelines:

    24. Do not post contact details of endocrinologists or doctors on the main board without their permission as this may result in unwanted attention from certain areas of the medical profession.

    If you wish to ask about a particular endocrinologist or doctor, you may mention his/her name and location, providing that you ask for replies by private message.


  • What is wrong with the link provided by RedApple?

  • If the link I already gave to the posting guidelines isn't working for you, then here's another one


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