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Did you know that Thyroid UK has another website?

Did you know that Thyroid UK has another website?

Many, many members of this Thyroid UK Support group seem unaware that Thyroid UK has another website full of useful information.

One of the many very useful pages on the site is the one that details the thyroid medications available to UK patients. The brands and types are listed, together with their ingredients.

There is also a 'shop' section where you can buy various thyroid related items, such as books, wristbands, pin badges, wedding favours.

And every year around this time, there are Thyroid UK Christmas cards on sale.

Payment is easy... just use PayPal ;)

There are also lots of 'case studies' for you to browse through. These are stories written by thyroid patients in their own words, telling how much they've suffered, and sometimes how they've recovered.

Thyroid UK can only continue to exist if sufficient funds are raised to support the running costs involved. Hence, there is a 'donation page' where you can contribute towards this.

Fundraising takes place in a variety of ways too. Individuals 'do things' and get people to sponsor them. Here are some of the things people have done this year

Maybe you could 'do something' too?

There is plenty more on the website, too much for me to sensibly list here, so if you're not already familiar with the main website, please take a look around!

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The guidelines for this very HU group are posted there as well:

And three cheers for the webmistress who keeps it all running. :-) :-) :-)



Sometimes also referred to as the 'web lady' ;)

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A hundred cheers! :) :)

Usually referred to as the:

'Lovely weblady'

'Wonderful weblady'

'Amazing weblady'

etc etc.... :) xxx


So good you have brought this to the attention of so many. When we link it - we do not always receive feedback - so do not know if people have benefitted from all the amazing information there....

Thank you :-)


That's where I got my information from when I was so unwell after being diagnosed and treated (worse when treated). Before HU was ever thought of.

The good thing about HU is we can ask one another questions and those who have experience of a particular question relate their own experience. has excellent information relating to the thyroid gland which is very helpful, re blood tests, vitamins, getting a diagnosis, and medications other than levo.

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thanks v much- I will be donating at xmas- this group has really helped me x


Thank you for this, I have just bought some Christmas cards. x


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