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Reposting as really could use some help

Test results - help needed, please.

These are the first test results since I started on T3 only on 12 April. The dose now stands at 100mcg a day. I really do not feel confident in reading these, and would be so grateful for any input.

Albumin 36 (30 – 45)

Calcium 2.5 (2.1 – 2.6)

Adjusted Calcium 2.60 (2.1 – 2.6)

Cholesterol 4.93

Hbalc 40 (20 – 42)

Vit B12 480 (180 – 2000)

Folate 5.2 (no range given)

TSH 0.01

FT4 -5

FT3 6.2 (0.9 – 2.62)

I have no idea what Hbalc is – please could someone enlighten me?

GP has not called me in, so she must have been happy with these results.

I have tried to write these in an easy format but the post keeps on pushing them up together.

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hba1c is a diabetes test. It is a combination of haemoglobin molecules with glucose. The higher the level the more glucose in your blood stream. Yours is at the top end of normal.

Are you sure of the reference range for FT3? If so, your level is a bit high. That doesn't mean you are on too much, just that your level in your blood stream is high. Did you take your T3 before your blood test? If so, that would explain why it is so high.

You might benefit from a maintenance dose of 1000mcg B12 (methylcobalamin is the best form) and possibly folic acid too as it looks a little on the low side. I don't think you need as much folic acid as B12.

Have you ever had your vitamin D tested? It might be a good idea if you haven't. Deficiency is common in the UK.

I'm sorry I couldn't be more help.

Carolyn x


That looks to me like a TOTAL T3 reference range.



Thanks Rod,

I will follow that up with the surgery tomorrow. What is the difference between FT3 and Total T3? Sorry for being such an ignoramus, very foggy tonight.

Jenni x


Out of every 300 molecules of T3 in your blood, 299 are bound to a protein. Free T3 is a measure of those one in three hundred that are present. Total T3 is a measure of all the T3.


thanks Rod - it can be so hard to get the head round this ,especially if you are - like me - dyscalculic. x


Free T3 and Total T3 tend to go in the same direction but, to some extent, Total T3 varies if the amount of binding protein goes up or down. And Total T3 tends to change more slowly. So they are not 100% equivalent.



Thank you so much for coming back, now I understand why the receptionist said " so you are not Diabetic" when giving me the results. I thought it was odd.

I was told I was getting tested for high ro (?) inflammatory/antibody marker, as it was thought I might have Sjogren's Syndrome, but nothing in there at all about that - will have to go back and follow that up.

No, I didn't take any T3 that day, it was a full 30 hrs gap. And I don't have any symptoms of overdose, thankfully, and am able to take it in one dose. The reference range is as given me over the phone by the receptionist - another one to follow up.I was expecting it to be high now, but had no idea what high was.

B12 sounds like it would be useful - I wish the search button worked, because I know there have been posts about how to take it. I must try to find the form you mentioned. And thanks for the tip on Folic Acid.

I asked for the Vit D to be tested but it wasn't, so again, a follow up.

You have been really helpful, please no need to apologise. I was really floundering.

Jenni x


This us a good explanation when taking T3 alone. Cursor to date November 9, 2005


thanks again x


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