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You what? Paging Dr confusion, paging Dr confusion!

Had a strange confusing meeting with a locum Dr as mine had been called to deal with a crisis.

I asked what my bloods revelaed on my thyroid. and he said....

Dr =Normal

Me =Groan rolls eyes literally around the room

Dr = You dont have an underactive thyroid.

Me= I dont have one, who said?

Dr= your bloods, the brain hormone secretion is normal.

Me - My what?

Dr= Brain hormone secretion it tells the thyroid to release thyroxine and is normal, no sign of thyroid issues.

Me= Erm have you felt my thyroid and seen the scans and.....

Dr feels throat, checks my mouth. and says. Throats a bit sore and swollenProbably find youve got a throat infection on its way.

Me = My thyroid is swollen and my tonsils have been up for over 4 years now. Then there is my enlarged lymph glands and nodules on my thyroid and you say I dont have an underactive thyroid or any thyroid issues.

Dr= yes tyou don't and tonsils come up and down you probably dont notice them and lymph too.

Me = so this swelling that has been up now for over a year is normal?

Dr = At your age things do take a bit longer to get over and thyroid is doing its job.

Me= and what about my tachycardia?

Dr, you need beta blockers heres the perscription.

Me = can I have my repeats perscriptions please.

Dr = Sure what do you need.

Me= Thyroixine, 100mgs, 50 mgs and 25 megs and etc...

Dr= prints off perscriptions signs and hands them over to me.

Me= If my thyroid is working fine blah blah why have you just given me thyroxine to take.

Dr shuts door with me outside it.


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I think he needs a re-training course - change my mind a Training Course as it appears he never had one.


God. I despair, I really do. Am speechless...I always read this site but fairly ever comment...but I just had join you in rolling my eyes. Hope your regular dr is better than this one. Best wishes, katey


Lol :D Thanks for the giggle!



Tish4 xx


Face palm - and giggles, both at the same time!


I did report the Dr to the Practise Manager as a logged complaint. I swear she rolled her eyes as soon as II mentioned his name and there was a definate look of not another one he's peed off was floating in a cloud above her head.

Bless she did manage to get hold of my GP and I'm to stay as I am on the thyroxine while he rechecks the labs on results as he said " they were too perfect results" Be nice if they were perfect but they dont look like my results even if I was on a good day.

He thinks the lab either bodged the bloods, theyve had a few lately come back with odd results that dont fit the patients, or I have somebody elses which equally has occured. As for the beta blockers Im to wait until he gets to the bottom of it all first.


Nightmare situation or what?!! The locum's quite obviously in cloud cuckoo-land but thank goodness you have a GP who at least appears to be interested and is taking good care of you. Sounds like the hospital labs also need a kick up the backside!! x


The scary thing is there are lots of people out there who don't come on these sites and have no clue about medical stuff. They could have just assumed the locum was right and ended up really ill. It's amazing how many of my friends and family don't question anything a doctor tells them.


I don't know whether to laugh or cry! Horrible to think he's probably paid more as a locum! Funny, predictive text said locust!!!!!


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