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Amiodarone withdrawal affecting TSH

I have recently (2 months ago) come off Amiodarone after 7 years. After being on it for about 9 months my blood test showed Amiodarone induced hypothyroidism and I've been on doses of Levothyroxine varying between 25-100 mg.

My TSH level is currently 0.12 which I believe is in the normal/borderline hyper range. It was 16.1 when I first stopped Amiodarone and T4 was 15.4. No idea what T4 is now. I have to have a repeat test in September. At the same time as coming off Amiodarone, a diuretic was withdrawn so presumably things could now be a bit more concentrated in my blood. Still on Warfarin and Bisoprolol as well.

My question is really about what I can expect, especially whether my thyroid situation will normalise and I can come off Levothyroxine. Has anyone else experience of this?


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Patient Information Leaflet Bisoprolol says:

The tablets can hide symptoms of an over-active thyroid.

I think you need a proper conversation with a good pharmacist and/or doctor. I feel very out of my depth.



Thank you.

Yes, it's very confusing when you are on several medications, some interact with each other and you don't know what is influencing test results. On the positive side, I haven't felt so well in years so can't actually complain of any symptoms.

One slight mystery is that I started to lose weight when I was put on Bisoprolol (almost a year ago) but my appetite and diet remained unchanged. I've now lost a stone, am at my perfect weight medically and the weight has stabilised. FBC did not show any abnormalities.


Amiodarone is an exceptionally long-acting medication. After long-term treatment, it persists in the body for many months after it has been stopped. You should request repeat blood tests every 3 months or so and adjust your levothyroxine dose accordingly. Eventually, levothyroxine may not be required.


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