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Thyroid returning to normal after Amiodarone withdrawal

I posted something about this a few months ago but there don't seem to be many people here who have either hypo or hyper thyroidism induced by Amiodarone. Just thought I would bring my current situation up to date.

I was on Amiodarone for about 8 years until April 2013. Prior to my Amiodarone treatment my thyroid function was normal though I had never had it actually tested. However, doctor said TSH level changes were due to Amiodarone and not a result of any malfunction of the thyroid itself.

6 months ago TSH was 16 and I was on 100 mg Levothyroxine. 3 months ago TSH was 0.12 and doctor requested a repeat test, which I have now had. TSH is 0.03 and my range is supposed to be above 0.2. Doctor thinks my thyroid is trying to normalise and has reduced dose to 75 mg and requested another blood test in 2 months with probably reduction to 50 mg. She was not at all surprised to find that I am feeling hyperactive, irritable and not sleeping well and says that my thyroid function may revert to normal over a period of time. Amiodarone takes many months to leave the system completely after it is withdrawn.

Is there anyone else here with experience of coming off Amiodarone and how it affected their Thyroid function?

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Not personally, but a relative of mine had her thyroid function knocked out by Amiodarone. I'm afraid to say she has been off the drug for 10 years, but her thyroid has never recovered. She takes thyroxine and seems to do just fine on that alone, although I'm always bugging her to get tested more often (only once a year at the mo).

Your situation might be different, I don't know what the statistics are on recovering thyroid function after stopping the drug?

H x


Thanks for post mrspat. Have not taken it nor heard of this affect until now.

I do know my mother took it for many years until her death in her eighties.

In my humble opinion her thyroid condition was not fully understood and or treating the symptoms and not root cause.

As time goes on I discover on here that there are so many different manifestations/causes of thyroid problems and not just the simple explanations of it in journalism and General Medical Practice.

Hope you are feeling well and have you been prescribed an alternative to Amiodarone?



Thanks. I was prescribed Amiodarone for atrial fibrillation, related to a congenital heart defect. Last year I had the defect corrected and my medication has changed. Amiodarone controls heart rhythm but my present medication, Bisoprolol, controls heart rate and doesn't have an effect on thyroid function or medication.

Amiodarone can fool the body into thinking that the thyroid isn't working and so TSH production increases.


Whow the power of nature thats two plants I know of now that 'help' the heart.

You must be so happy to get this defect corrected.Presume that meant surgery.

I believe I have a healthy heart but know several people who have had heart surgery.

It is truly amazing how heart surgery has advanced in my lifetime.

Hope someone pops up soon who has experienced coming off Amiodarone and thanks for this information.

Another case of how misleading the TSH test in isolation can be.

All the Best to you, thanks


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Unfortunately I have to stay on Amiodarone for life, so I really don't know how it affects my thyroid. I now have a pacemaker and the only doctor I see is my GP. No doctor has ever mentioned how these 2 drugs work together, they obviously think it unimportant.


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