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Heart rate issues and thyroid medication (T3 or natural desiccated thyroid)

Posted a new blog article on elevated heart rate and thyroid medication.

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This is really interesting. My "racing" heart was partly just because normal for me has been around 40bpm for many years and a normal heart rate seemed so fast, but also because my iron was a little low. Sorting out my iron levels has left me with a very average pulse of around 60bpm.

This is something really important that many people don't realise. Some find that they even experience this on levothyroxine and that it is resolved by sorting out iron or cortisol levels. It is very reassuring to know there is a way we can test whether we are taking too much or too little T3 or NDT using simple but detailed evidence.

Thanks for posting :)

Carolyn x


before i became hypo my normal hart rate was 40/50 i was very fit and ran every day.

after 3 years of levo i couldn't run at all and had put on 5stn and my hart rate was 70/80 also my pulse was very strong and blood pressure had gone from below normal to 160/110 and no bp medication would touch it...........fortunately at that point i saw dr s who added in t3 which brought bp and hart rate down slightly though my pulse was still very strong.

i then changed from levo to armour and t3 and bp went down to normal but i still had the strong pulse.

unfortunately i then had i 2 episodes of AF both shortly after taking a dose of t3 so stopped the t3 and fortunately haven't had another since

since i stopped t3 and am only on armour bp & pulse have dropped even lower and my pulse now feels normal, bp is now 120/70 and pulse 65ish - so it certainly seems as if levo and t3 both raised hart rate and bp - and armour lowers both - for me.


It was probably the Armour and T3 combo that did this. You need to have the right medication for you and clearly you have now. Happy for you!

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you could well be right.........all i need to do now is persuade the nhs to give armour to me instead of trying to kill me with levo!


Good luck with that one Ritz!

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yes......thanks......good luck, following wind, x fingers, touch wood, find a black cat, watch out for ladders and much much more.........

the consultant said he gives it to his private patients........very helpful when i am paying his wages on the nhs and can't manage it privately as well :(



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