Information on Blood Sugar Balance and Thyroid Hormone from Paul Robinson

Just written a new blog post that discusses blood sugar balance and why it is important for proper thyroid hormone action.

You can find it at the top of my 'Recovering with T3' FB page:

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  • Hi Paul - thanks for this. I recently tried a diet where you only eat 500 calories for 2 days of the week and you eat normally for the other 5 days. My husband is doing really well with this but I didn't make it past the first fasting day as I felt awful by the evening with worse hypo symptoms. Do you think this may have been due to m blood sugar being low? Thanks :)

  • Yes. Absolutely. Your system is probably still not working optimally. Dropping carbs like that is going to cause an ATP deficit in a lot of hypo patients. That's why many thyroid patients who are trying to lose weight or lower their blood sugar feel so much worse on carb restricted diets.

    Nutrients may help - see the USA doctor's response on my post on my FB page.

  • Thanks - I don't feel such a failure now :)

  • You shouldn't at all Clare. Your response is immensely typical of people who are slightly compromised due to thyroid/adrenal issues. It just makes all of us have a little less margin for messing around with large dietary changes - our bodies can't cope with the changes in the same way they used to prior to thyroid issues.

    A USA based doctor responded to my post on my FB page. You may wish to take a look at his comments as he did suggest some things that some people may find helpful.


  • Hi, just read the doctor's comments and wondered, how do you measure your pH?

  • Post back on my FB page and ask him ..... his ideas and not mine. I have no idea. Suspect it is diet mostly. Please ask your question there as it will be instructive for many people (you and me included :) )

  • lol OK, sorry, didn't think of that. Bit slow tonight!


  • :) go for your question though ..... it may help a lot of people.

  • PH if I have it correctly is the acid/alkaline base in your body. You can buy PH tester strips and either put on your tongue or get a sample of your urine and place the PH strip into the container and the PH test strip will measure your PH. They have a guide as to what colour you are. Men can just use strip whilst urinating as well as ladies. Only needs brief amount of saliva or urine. Ususally a good guide is around 6.5 to 7. However some say higher. Pool shops have Ph tester strips of health shops and the net.

  • Hi there, hi clarebear,

    I feel absolutely fine on a fasting day and with no carbs at all as well, Paul does that mean I am optimally treated? on 150mcg of T3 right now :D

  • That's good NBD ;) Maybe 150 is your magic number :)

    I had 11 fantastic days after increasing from 2.25 grains to 2.5, but then symptoms started to come back. Have increased to to 2.75 3 days ago and feeling better again :) Maybe I will even make it up to the magic 3 grains lol :D

    I have been craving carbs though and have been eating lots of naughty bread, butter and cheese. Oh dear :(

  • wow 2.75 grains :D

    I am nagging my NHS endo to put it up to 160mcg hahahaha

  • Hahaha - do you think he will? How are you feeling now? Xx

  • I think he will :)

    I'm very well, however little nagging things make me wonder if I am 'really' optimal, last 2 nights I have had cold feet, it's 3 months I've had a dry patch of skin on my forehead/inside of eyes by bridge of nose, I had these things before diagnosis and I do struggle still quite a lot in maintaining my weight, also my brain is still not as sharp, I am doing a course at Uni and I just cannot find the way to express myself or write down the assessments, I will struggle to pass I know, I might even fail

  • You always express yourself very well here :) - I'm sure you will pass with flying colours :) The dry skin and cold feet do sound suspicious though. Good luck with getting the increase xx

  • Hi Paul

    Where would someone find the references for the research used to write your blogs please?


  • This last blog is just basic human biology - you can find it in any basic medical book. Most of my blogs are based on this. Others are based on my own book which does make references. In some cases I cite some specific references in some blogs. This one didn't need it as the role of insulin (for glucose movement into cells) and cortisol (for glucogenesis) are just simple biology. Hope this helps.


  • oh right - thanks!


  • Hi Paul, I am just getting to the bottom of why I need B12 injections I am on a theraputic trial so far two injections which appear to have almost immediate positive effects, and I realise that antibodies to intrinsic factor and paretial cells are part of the puzzle, these antibodies are present in large (sorry can't recall exact number) of auto immune thyroid patients . In other places it is stated 14 enzymes here in fact! ...

    are required to metabolise B12.. Does this impairment of gut function impact on what and when to eat to keep blood sugar optimum?

    I have noticed headaches come on after around 4/5hours without food....

  • Thank you for this. I never had the GTT run so its something to bring up with the endo since he's at logger heads with the gp over whether it is diabetes or insulin.

    The blog mentioned that intestinal issues can also be a cause. Do you know if proctitis/colitis can be a cause for affected blood sugar levels like this also?

  • Anything that might affect the absorption of food in the gut might affect how well your blood sugar rises in response to food. If these conditions only affect the large intestine then you may be fine. The small intestine is where the majority of the food is taken into the body.

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