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Recovering from Thyroid Disease

Here is a new blog post in which I share my views on recovering from thyroid disease and the effect it can have on your life and of those around you:

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....good you have the experience of your own recovery with which to help others. Thank you for your is very sad how the illness impacts on families and so much mis-understanding goes along with it. Impossible to be a good everything when you are dropping with fatigue. I used to return from work and collapse on the lounge floor and sleep - just too exhausted to climb the stairs. Not appreciated by my family needless to say - they all wanted supper !


There are different solutions other than T4 ....and even NDT ...


I'm a T3 only girl. The events mentioned above were long ago and years before I was diagnosed.......sadly !


I'm glad you are recovered Marz and I'm sorry that you had to suffer so much on the way.


Hi Paul

I read your blog and I can identify totally with how this illness can rob you of so much. I could not tolerate levo, am self medicting with NDT and still am not well.Am seeing an endo in January (have seen her before and got not where!) and am going to ask if I can try T3. I have fibro like pains and have read T3 only can help. Am so, so desperate to reclaim my life.

Am unable to work, live by myself, life can seem very miserable most days.

Still I live in hope that someday I will start to feel like 'me' again.


T3 often helps with Fibro pains but usually pure T3 when not used with T4. I'm not sure your endo will do anything other than just give you a bit of T3 with T4. You need to make sure you are going to see a doctor who will let you try pure T3 as the NDT is already T4/T3. Good luck Lizzie!!!


Paul, I had so many symptom's. I was a real mess. Right now my levels look normal. Its taken almost a year. Without going into the whole mess. Have you ever heard of anyone who though they maybe damaged some tendons or muscles in the legs? My arms are good now that cleared up quickly and many other problems. Just wondering the Endo says he never had anyone complaint about there legs. Thanks Susita


Low thyroid (low FT3 levels or high rT3 levels) can impact muscles, joints, tendons - making them weak and even allowing stretching of tendons as the muscles involved get weak. Yes - definitely heard of this. Sometimes this can be 100% corrected if the right thyroid treatment is given and sometimes it can leave some physiology a bit messed up (although improved once on the right treatment).

Good luck Susita!


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