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As a result of an ultrascan the doctor has prescribed Hyoscine butylbromide tablets.

'one or two when required'. For at least six months I have had a swollen abdomen and felt very uncomfortable, its not something that comes and goes.

I have searched for information on the net and tick all the boxes for IBS. Regarding foods I should not eat, I eat all these foods and nothing on the list makes me feel any worse I'm just uncomfortable all the time.

Should I stop eating all these 'bad' foods and see how I feel? Then bring them back into my diet gradually to see if they have any effect? Any suggestions please?

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I'm sure you probably know that IBS is a syndrome - which can be a selection of symptoms and no one cause. I sometimes think that this is an escape diagnosis for doctors. I do not know anything about the drug you have been prescribed but I am sure someone will come along soon to help. I would go with the gentle approach first.....adjustments to the diet staying away from things that are difficult to digest and so on. Drinking lots of water to keep thinkgs moving healthily.

Are you optimally treated with your thyroid as the gut lining has lots of receptors for T3 so if your FT3 is low then it is possible for things can go wrong. Low metabolism affects everything in the body.

Have a read about IBS on Her website is excellent and you are able to learn so much for FREE !

I have a book from 2004 called Gut Reaction by Gudrum Jonsson - another good read and of course not up to date but a good read to help understanding of the gut.

I have Crohns and Hashimotos so have studied a bit on guts and still learning.....! Hope you soon feel better....



I can only re-iterate what Marz says, before deciding it is IBS (Been there, got the T-shirt) you need to be sure you are optimally treated. That does not mean the doctor saying 'TSH Normal' but how much T3 in your body. If he will not do a blood test for T4 and T3 as well as TSH, it is worth getting it done privately as it is just a fingerprick which you send off.

I was 'Diagnosed' with IBS after five years of chronic constipation followed by nearly three months of complete loss of bowel control. I was on Buscopan which did not work, then Codeine just to enable me to leave the bathroom. I had a colonoscopy which revealed nothing, hence the so-called diagnosis of IBS which is actually a catch-all syndrome when they are fed-up trying to find out what it really is.

But since I had my thyroxine increased it is much, much better, and with more tweaking it will hopefully get better still. Hyoscine Butylbromide is the chemical name for Buscopan.

Only when you are sure that it is NOT your thyroid, need you look elsewhere. In the meantime, it is certainly worth avoiding any foods which make it worse.

Marie XX


Thanks to both of you for getting back to me. When I suggested this may be connected to my thyroid I got a very definite NO. I've had a endoscopy and colonoscopy to find a reason for being anaemic. Although I was not too bad at the time my abdomen was swolled and uncomfortable. I wonder if this IBS [if it is that] may be causing me to be anaemic as well. I suppose it makes sense.

Thanks again, Pauline


I agree with what the others say but there is also a possibility that it is candida related. I have a friend whose "IBS" flares up every time she has a candida problem. It might be worth investigating this and taking steps to treat it. Many of the candida prevention tips are pretty good advice for general health anyway so definitely worth looking into.

Another possibility is coeliac disease. This seems to be more common in people with thyroid disease as once you have one autoimmune condition it appears that you are more likely to have others too. This can be determine through tests so it may be worth looking at.

As Marz and Marie have said, I don't think you will get it cleared up completely until your thyroid is sorted out, whatever the cause may be. Try to get the suggested thyroid tests to see what's going on and what you need to do next. You may well find you feel so much better once that is sorted out.

Whatever the cause, I hope you find the solution soon!

Carolyn x


Thanks Carolyn, I've never had candida, as far as I know, but when all this started last year I had a very bad attack of cystitus

My daughter has mentioned the possibility of coeliac disease, I'll look into it.

I've always been quite happy with my doctor but I just feel I have been given these tablets and left to sort myself out,, no mention was made of my diet. I suppose doctors expect us to go on the net to help ourselves nowadays. Thank God for this


Pauline x..


You might want to do a search on candida anyway just to see if it's a possibility. If you don't get thrush you may not be aware that you have candida overgrowth in your gut. It's just one of many possibilities. Hopefully you find what is causing your problems soon. It must be very uncomfortable :(


Try homeopathic Colocynth - I have 'cured' three of my friends with this ! Ging


Thank you very much, will certainly give it a try.



If your still here!

I've just had a heart scan

A cardiogram!

I an sure the doctor is still smiling now.

I ve had problem since August 13

With Lyme carditis.

Let me diverge for a moment I have heard that dyes they use in MRI machines can stick in the body and cause all sorts of things.

I had a wire passed into my heart then X-rays passed across.

The iodine dye which I am sure I have had? But it might be different.

Caused my legs to become painful. But operation was successful. So does not matter about the legs.

I had different symptoms every day and till it settled on my legs.

The glands are up behind the knees.

I had some intravenous antibiotics and antitoxins in between for 4 days.

Then I get bitten last week. The symptoms have appeared again.

The blood circulation is poor in my lower leg.

Someone said it was hot.

I am very cold.

If low T3 goes with Lyme disease.

So if your bodies lacking it allows

other chemicals in.

Or out.

If you have elements missing above you then get problem with

The lower elements like heavy metals coming out of solution.

The iodine dyes done something?


try cutting out some of them onion,garlic and leeks are one of the worse to have for ibs sufferer and red meat,just had ct scan as mine wont settle down but all is good but for the ibs which doctors say as gone chronic having only 2 decent days out of seven.


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