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Diet on block and replace?

OK - I have Graves and am on 40mcg Carbimazole for overactive (TSH was 0.03 in March)

then June's results show TSH of 74 (severely underactive) and have been put on Levo 100mcg as well as my 40mcg Carbimazole (block and replace). So, my question is, am I to eat a diet for overactive or a diet for underactive or do I just eat what I like and see how it goes?

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Hiya..same happened to me, diagnosed overactive Dec 2011 by April 2012 went underactive.

Then was on 40mg carbimazole and 50gr levo. Over the following year was increased to 75gr levo. This has been fairly stable for the past year. When overactive I lost 9lb then when I went underactive I put the 9lb back on plus another 7lb. I havent been on any diet but I probably have been more aware of what I am eating.

Plus I think I am luckier than a lot of other people on this site.

Hope all goes well for you take care :)


A certain diet for hyper or hypo? do you mean general regular healthy eating or an actual diet, I'm sorry I don't understand - have you been told to question your eating habits?

Yes we do tend to look at lifestyle and stuff we can adjust ourselves to help - for me it was a low Vit D test and supplementing accordingly, (irons, B12 etc. should be tested too) but I have hypo symptoms after a partial op (bit hyper before that 'tho).

Yes healthy eating is very important but can all Thyroid problems be just due to this? I will dare to say folks seem to experience problems if a long term vegetarian or on PPIs, I really don't know, and hope others will chip in here. Jane :D x


I think you should trust your body. It knows what it needs to eat. And I don't find that I end up on a diet of chocolate and cream cakes when I give my appetite its head. I do like the odd treat, of course, but am more likely to crave real food. At the moment I'm dreaming ot the duck pâté I had in a nice restaurant the other day. mmmmmm that was good! lol

Don't worry too much about it, just play it by ear. Avoid soya and remember - a little of what you fancy does ya good!

Hugs, Grey


Thanks all for coming back to me. It's more a question of goitrogen rich foods or the opposite, iodine rich foods or the opposite and so on. Do I cater for the hyper in me or the hypo in me?


I was on way to block and replace but decided wanted to have medication according to blood results, was on 40mg carb daily until bloods reduced (T4 was 70) now slightly under normal and down to 5mg daily. I have given up wheat completely, virtually all dairy, all caffeine, it's been quite easy, just miss yoghurt on porridge but that's not a big miss. Feel much better for no wheat. Have blood tests monthly to check levels as I want minimum drugs if possible. Also have monthly acupuncture and massage plus do yoga and try to relax when I can, Take supplements especially for gut including L-glutamine and probiotics, drink Lemon balm and about to buy bugleweed as both calming effect on thryoid.... hope this helps ...x


Motherwort is also good for anxiety etc and is recommended for Graves sufferers.


Thanks am ordering some today ...x


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