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Endocrinologist prescribed 10,000iu Vit D once a week

Hi All,

My endo has just put me on 10,000iu Vit D3 once a week for eight weeks to get my levels higher in range - currently 52.3 nmol/L.

is there any advice about how and when to take it? I see that some people say leave 4hrs between taking levothyroxine and D3. Also, as it is fat soluble I believe I need to take it with fats/food? Also, what is the advice about supplementing D3 and the importance of vitamin K2? Does that only apply to long term supplementation?

Many thanks.

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jwestaway What you say is correct. The advice is to take D3 4 hours away from thyroid meds and take it with good dietary fat as it is a fat soluble vitamin, so either the fattiest meal of the day or a cracker with butter or something. The one I take is a softgel which has D3 with olive oil in the little capsule, that gives the fat needed (the D3 will have dissolved in the olive oil) but I still take it with some kind of fat even if it is a full fat yogurt or a piece of tea bread with butter.

K2-MK7 is very important whenever taking D3. Vit D aids absorption of calcium from food and K2 directs the calcium to where it is needed ie bones and teeth rather than soft tissues and arteries. Don't expect your doctor to know this, they seem to know very little about nutrition.

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10,000 iU Vitamin D per week? He's having a laugh at your expense!

Some anecdotal info...

My vitamin D level was about 60 (ish) when I first started supplementing 1,000 iU per day. I tested again a few months later and my result was then 50 (ish). It had dropped.

I increased my dose to 3,000 iU per day and my level started rising (very slowly).

I got my level up to about 100, and now maintain it at that by taking 2,000 iU per day.

I think there is a possibility your 10,000 iU per week won't achieve much.

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Mine was around the same level as yours and I was put on 20,000iu A DAY by my consultant for a couple of weeks then 5,000iu a day maintainance dose. Checked a month later and it was up to 116.

I don't think most HCPs understand Vit D at all.


That's quite a low dose if your vit D is really low. A maintenance dose for winter is 2000iu a day (14000iu a week). Take it with the fattiest meal of the day. I don't think it affects levo. You should also consider taking K2 to make sure that the extra calcium you absorb goes into the bones and teeth, not the arteries. Many people say to take D and K2 at different times.


I thought vitamin D was one of those supplements which had to be taken 4 hours away from thyroid meds. Don't quote me, because I'm not sure of my facts.


I've seen that too HB, can't remember where, it might have been on here.

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I thought it was just Adcal, as it contains calcium, but perhaps not.


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