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Confused about Vit D result


This time last year my Vit D level was 22 so I started to supplement with a Vit D sublingual spray 6000iu daily and by September got my level up to 93

I used a maintenance dose of 1000iu daily throughout the winter but my recent test came back as Vit D2 level 71.5

Vit D3 level 75.1

Does anyone know if I look at the D3 as the result or do I add the two results together making 146.6 as the result.

Thank you Browny

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Vitamin D3 is the important one and as long as it's around 70 that's good.

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Thanks shaws, I just thought I read somewhere you add the two together to get the total level.


My result gives them separately and a total figure. Best to check. 146 os Ok while 75 isn't.

You need to know the units. US web sites say 70 is good as they use different units. In the UK, although 70 nmol/L is over "adequate" , it's not good - only around 30 in the US units, where optimal is 50-70 and deficient is less than 50.

To convert a test result measured in nmol/l to one measured in ng/ml, divide the nmol/l number by 2.5. For example, 50 nmol/l is the same as 20 ng/ml (50÷2.5).


I just had a vit d test too, and the result was 87n/mol. Do you know what I should be aiming for in that measurement? Thanks


Around 125 nmol/L M x


Thanks! I've got some d3 softgel things :-)




Many thanks for your reply, very helpful


See vitamindcouncil.org/further...

My private doc said my 95 nmol/L was OK but she'd like to see about 125.


Thanks :-)


Vitamin D3 is the storage level whereas Vitamin D2 is the circulating level which can vary through the day. They should not be added together - they tell different things.

The site below is packed with information about optimum levels.


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Are you sure of that?

I have always understood the issue to be between 1,25(OH)D and 25(OH)D (with the 1,25(OH)D form being "active").

However, D3 is regularly regarded as the better form in which to take any D supplementation (rather than D2).

I highly recommend the guide linked from this post:



Is one of your supplements D2 and the other D3? That is the only way I can see your results being what they are.



Hi Rod,

No I only take D3 supplement.


Hi Rod, yes, you're correct the way you have explained what I was trying to say. I know that the test to be done is the 25(OH)D as this is the storage form. The 1,25(OH)D is the "active" form and cannot be used as a measure of vitamin D status as it can vary throughout the day. I will look at thee site you have posted - thanks! :)

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Just an update re Vit D result.

Rang endo's secretary to clarify results, she said it was'nt her I spoke to last time I rang and whoever I spoke to gave me the wrong info.

Apparently my G.P. and endo both tested for Vit D one sample went to one lab the other to another lab and the two results went back to the endo. One result was 71.5 the other 75.1

the secretary said whoever gave me the result last time was wrong in what she said.

So for the last few weeks I have been totally confused by someone giving me the wrong information.

Just goes to show how wrong info. is given out and also how labs. can differ.

Bloods were taken on the same day, giving two different results, but still don't know if I am 71.5 or 75.1 whatever I still need to get it a bit higher.

Thanks to all who replied and sorry if I have caused any confusion.


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