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Has Anyone tried DHEA?

I was on 100mcg levothyroxine, feeling hypo plus sickness and diarrhoea and bloods were "normal" , Was moved to 50 levo + 20 T3 and although getting back a lot of my mojo and feeling much better with the emaotional and brain function issues I was still sick and cold and in bed by 7. So after reading Dr Durrant Peatfield's book twice, decided to come off all meds for 3 days and then start DHEA 25mg each morning for 3 days and then add back 50 Levo + 20 T3.

I am on day 4 of the DHEA + 50Levo + 20T3 and I feel.. GREAT. Up and at 'em, delighted to recognise the old me that has been absent for some time...

I did the DHEA myself and now have Armour but don't want to take it and jinx what I have.. Has anyone else tried DHEA? Please tell me your experiences with it...

I really can't believe the difference it has made, I am not cold, I have loads of energy, I am up for going out in the evenings.. it's really amazing...

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Im surprised you have found so much difference by day 4 of DHEA! I was recently started on 25mg by my Endocrinologist and he upped my T4 by 25mcg too. I cant say that Ive noticed anything yet and thats after 3 weeks! Perhaps slightly more awake in the mornings but that may be more down to the fact that we had that nice weather and it was sunny!!

I thought DHEA took awhile to kick in?


well.. the book says. you have to STOP your thyroxine.. then start the DHEA then restart the thryroxine really carefully.. Honestly I feel so much better.. I have never been tested for low DHEA but I had the symptoms in the book, most notably a ridiculous sweet food craving where I would actually order some cake or other that I don't even LIKE... and.. one glass of wine and I'd be wetting myself with laughter at the bottom of the stairs because I'd forgotten how to climb them! I never felt well on T4 alone.. I don't think I was converting it properly...

Are you taking Vitamin D? Dr Lowe says patients need a D3 level of 80 to feel good.. I take loads of it and feel that helps me get up in the morning. but DHEA is better than... chocolate!..

I noticed it immediately, day 1, and am really loving it.. The book says you really have to stop the T4 before you start the DHEA it's important for some's page 119 of Your Thyroid and how to keep it healthy.. He would say that if you're not feeling a difference then either a) you didn't have an issue to start with or b) you're toxic because of the T4

I am not a doctor and we are all different.. but I did what it said in the book and I am really happy with it.. sorry you're not feeling fabulous on yours... is yours chemical? Mine is herbal from Biovea.. maybe that makes a difference?


I have low DHEA I have a test to prove it......and I am on T3 only however my private doctor (Dr Myhill) told me to take only 10mg daily sublingually so I have been doing this.

I have to say I have been feeling well since last august but I don't know if it's the DHEA or the T3 or the one million other things I am doing LOOOOOL

I would not do 25mg long term unless I knew I was deficient and even then after a while I'd retest to see if I ought to drop to 10mg, Dr Myhill says 10mg does not really do any harm if you are over 40 as we get low in DHEA after 40.


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