Has anyone tried these ?

NUTRI-MEDS PORCINE THYROIDHEALTH , ( from www. the-natural-choice.co.uk )

A naturopath I saw recently recommended these and described them as an alternative option . ( I'm on levo for 11 years ,& desperate to find an alternative)

I've tried adding T3 to levo but wasn't able to tolerate .

After that I stopped altogether for 10 days to resolve rt3 and felt so much better!

I'm thinking of stopping levo altogether and trying these as a replacement.

Has anyone tried them?

Thanks !


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  • I haven't tried them but someone who has will respond. There is another alternative non-prescription Natural Dessicated Thyroid Hormone called Thyrogold which was invented by Dr Lowe who was director of Thyroidscience, Dr Lowe.com and Fibromyalgia Research Foundation who was outraged that we could not access NDT without prescriptions. He was also an Adviser to Thyroiduk.org but, unfortunately, for us he died two years ago. He also wrote a Rebuttal to the BTA who, of course, ignored it plus Dr Lowe's request over three years for a response.



  • Trouble is that the amount of thyroid hormones in each capsule isn't standardised so you won't know how much to take. I think you will be better off with conventional NDT where you know how much to take from batch to bastch.

    I take Thyrois -S which is cheaper, and reliable, although some have trouble with the fillers. There are other brands which have less in them. T3 didn't agree with me either.

  • Hi Amanda! I started nutrimeds over a month ago and have done very well on them. I was on 75mcg of synthetic thyroxine and really fed up with my hair falling out and lots of joint pain. Since starting in Nov. my joint pain has disappeared and my hair loss stopped.

  • How much of the nutri meds do you take as I too was on 75 g eltroxin

  • That's great to hear, macky thankyou, I too am on 75 MCG thyroxine so can I ask how much of the nutrimeds you swapped it for ? And did you do it gradually or just swap over from one day to the next?



  • I swapped it very gradually, a half tablet per week or 2 weeks. For me it was a very smooth transition.

  • I am now doing 3 tablets per day and will continue untIL I get my blood done next month, then take it from there. Hope this helps!

  • That really does , thanks so much , think it's got to be worth a try . After 11 years on synthetic stuff , it's clearly doing nothing for me anymore. Like you I'm so fed up with the aches& pains , exhaustion etc . Will try introducing it gradually like you and hope for similar results ! :-) xx

  • Hi honey, I also take NDT, saved my life, easy to source if you wanna pm me. I have tried two different types of NDT. Each worked great. X. X

  • Ritaritarita. Hi, could you also PM me what NDT's you have tried and are now taking and where to get them from. I have some Thyroid-S waiting until I see the Endo on 8 January, but am going to ask for some Armour. Don't think I have a hope in Hell of getting it though, so want to be ready for a change from Levo.

  • I took these before I started on T3 and found them good, but expensive compared to Thai NDT or T3.

  • Thanks Angel , I guess they would be expensive long term but would pay anything to get even a glimpse of the old me back!

    Maybe I'll try them as an interim thing until I get to try NDT .

    Good to know they were helpful for you in that way.

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