Been to see Dr Skinner today. At long last, someone who will admit I have a thyroid problem and offer support. He is a lovely man and very amusing. We talked for about an hour and he looked at my bloods. discussed symptoms, he took blood pressure, pulse , temperature. Funnily enough I am feeling a bit warmer now but my temp was still only 36.4 (dont take my temp in the day, just do basal) Anyway we discussed thyroxine, t3 and Armour , and he was happy to write to my GP to see if she would perscribe armour (wont hold my breath) as this is what ive been self medicating with, but its a start. He read the letter I sent to my gp asking for referral following numerous visits and blood tests which resulted in no help. He said the symptoms I had told the gp about and written in letter where obvious hypothyroid symptoms , but he didnt seem surprised at her lack of diagnosis. Anyway , just grateful for getting this appointment and actual diagnosis, as you will all understand this means a lot after years of struggling with G.P.s.

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  • Glad to hear it went well and that you now have Dr S on your side. Good luck with the GP xxx

  • Thanks Clare, feels like a weights been lifted xxx

  • How did you get a gp referal to see dr skinner? my gps at my local surgery wont give me one.x

  • I sent a four page letter explaining every symptom and sign, I discussed family history, I explained how worried I was and that I was grateful for their help but that I needed to move on with my health concerns and that I believed Dr Skinner may be my next course of action. I also said I respected their differing opinion but that I couldn't spend the rest of my life feeling like this. I copied in the practise manager and asked that a copy of my letter be added to my notes. (Following advice on here and other people in similar situation). I was firm but polite and this worked so I breathed a sigh of relief . I think once it is put in writing and added to notes there is more weight given to your request. X

  • I also got the referral I requested by writing to the doctor and asking it to be out on my file.

    My letter was discussed with the senior partners and I got most of what I asked for. I again, was polite, precise and to the point. I think there is a copy of it on here somewhere.

    Chuffed for you Hun, x

  • It's amazing, the power of the written word , I can only hope these referrals come out of genuine concern for our health, perhaps the detailed list of symptoms hit home ? But in many cases i think not ! Thanks Late73 x

  • Bloody predictive text, I typed lare73 and it came out late 73. Sorry x

  • i truly believe that they -- the gp's --- only do this because they are covering their own backs . so that if ,due to their own miss-diagnosis / treatment the patient may then have a legal case for medical negligence in the future , thus passing responsibility on to someone else. because once your letter is placed on your records it then becomes evidence that cannot be removed . my concern in this is that we -- the patients -- sometimes HAVE to go down this route......WE SHOULD NOT HAVE TO ........great news for you in what you have achieved so far and good luck for the future....alan

  • Agreed Alan, and thank you for advice given previously x

  • I have only heard good things about Dr S. Since being diagnosed with underactive thyroid and speaking to others I am amazed at the amount of people who have visited him. My daughters school teacher visited him 10 years ago, all her family have visited, the girls maths tutor, their guides teacher most people I know who have had thyroid issues have visited. The inspiring point is their health has been restored and their thyroid illness is irrelevant to their day to day life.

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