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Interesting link re:The Adrenal-thyroid connection & treatment by Michael Gerber MD, HMD

I found this letter from Michael Gerber M.D to be quite a good read, mostly under the thyroid section where he states that 'Overdose of thyroid because of insufficient adrenal cortical reserve causes adrenalin symptoms such as anger, nervousness, fast heart rate, and insomnia and, in cardiac patients, angina;'.....

Having just begun Armour, experiencing said anger and insomnia and chalking it down to gluten reactions, I wonder if I am completely wrong. Perhaps I need to address my adrenals to sort this issue out.

While taking Armour at 1/16th of a grain, as described by Dr.Gerber, I have ordered Westhroid as a backup, thinking Forest were not disclosing the gluten in Armour. Anyway, I shall post my adrenal results when I get the saliva test completed, just as a matter of interest.



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Just wondering, what does "HMD" stand for?


I'm not sure, Helvella, but it could be Heavy Metal Detox, since this guy is a chelating physician and Diplomat of the American Board of Chelation Therapy.


I did look around but did not find anything obvious to me!


Rod, I believe it is Homeopathic Medical Doctor, which is what he practices as in Reno, NV. His license was suspended in California but that does not necesarily mean he is a bad doctor. Dr. P. would be an example of such a case although I know he resigned his license before it was suspended so he could practice nutritional medicine. PR



I had found several possibilities:

Homeopathic Medical Doctor

Humanitarian Medicine Doctor

Doctor of Holistic Medicine



Thanks for figuring that out :) I really like this guy and his protocols.


PurrJones, interesting article although I don't believe Dr. Jefferies was a codiscoverer of hydrocortisone and that is the first time I have seen 200 mg. as the top output of the adrenals.

He did spell Dr. Jefferies name correctly which is a plus because it is most frequently mis-spelled. All in all I quite like what he has written although it is definitely on the leading edge.

He has quite an interesting history. Lots of interesting stuff in the Townsend Newsletter. Thanks for the link. PR


PurJones, It was late last night when I was reading this link and I meant to give you some links if you wanted to explore further. I got distracted and forgot to do that. Here are some additional links which you may or may not have already found.

This is his practice website, it can take quite awhile to come up, I've had to hit refresh a couple of times just to get it to come up. It takes forever to change pages on his website.

This is a short article about him and gives some background.

He is a past president of the Orthomolecular Medical Association, I get their newsletter.

This is a link to quackwatch and a description of how he lost his license in California.

He was treating a cancer patient who refused conventional treatment and when he died they came after Dr. Gerber for treating him.

As I said before he has quite an interesting history. PR



Thank you...I appreciate this and shall 'nerd' over those links for a while. I think that man is a bit of a gem.

Best regards!


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