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Hi a little light on this please

Not been on here for ages as basically gave up on ever getting any help with thyroid because of taking steroids for other illness. Steroids I find, cover things up very well. This last year I have been suffering with two auto immune liver conditions as well as hashimotos disease. But as we all know too well, my doctor is one who trusts tests rather than symptoms. Every test I have had for my thyroid came back within normal range whilst on steroids. My consultant weaned me off steroids and I was so unwell. Fortunately I had an endo appointment and more bloods were done in the absence of steroids the following are my results:

TPO antibody positive

T3 toxicosis

TSH 2.49

T4 15.2

T3 6.2

T3 toxicosis in the absence of the TSH being completely suppressed.

What do you make of my results?

I am not being treated, I feel like heart is steady but when I get up to do anything it pounds in my head, I have nodules on my thyroid which are causing constant stuck in throat sensation, palpitations, sometimes,my hair has become very dry and frizzy, I have painful joints and muscles, can't tolerate the heat or the cold, muscle weakness plus many more. I also have to deal with symptoms of autoimmune hepatitis and primary biliary cirrhosis. It has taken two weeks for me to sit and decipher which problem is causing which symptom. I already did a blog on the dangers of un-diagnosed hashimotos, and it is related directly to my liver conditions.

What would be my next move? Should I be getting treatment? I am that fed up I want my thyroid out and on replacement therapy because I have enough to deal life quality is naff and I can't claim anything. Invisible illness does not count when you have some days better than others.

Thank you

alley williams

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Hi Conniefused, So sorry to hear you're still having such a tough time. Those results do look quite odd don't they. Can you post the ranges too, especially for the FT3 so that we can get an idea of how far over the top it is?


Hi Redapple, I was not sent the ranges, this was in a letter from the endo, in fact I wrote word for word what was in the letter. To be honest I think the ranges are the average as anywhere else and these results came from the same Lab as any of my others that came back within normal range.




I am surprised that you have not already been put on any medication for the T3 toxicosis. TSH and FT4 look to be relatively normal, but clearly there's too much T3 being put out, and this will most likely be causing many of the symptoms you describe. Typically, a beta blocker such as propranolol might be prescribed, as this is helpful in lowering T3 level and thus protecting the heart. I would definitely talk with your endo and/or GP about this!

I can understand the feeling of wanting thyroid removed and going onto replacement. However, spend some time reading posts here and it becomes evident that for many, replacement is by no means as straightforward as we wish it to be. Perhaps for you it would be, but it's a decision that once done, there's no going back from :(


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