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Results of fasting blood test - could anyone explain them please?

Blood taken as a check for my Slight CHD this week - all read ok except

mean cell haemoglobin concentration -below range- 318g/l (320.0-350.0)

serum bilirubin level - above range - 123umol/L (<17.0)

Serum TSH level - below range - 0.20 mlU/L (12.3 - 20.2)

serum free T4 level - 18.4 pmol/l (12.3 - 20.2) ?on T4. RSJ (not sure what this meant?)

Have not been feeling at all well so went to doctors y/day - throbbing painful feet/legs arms - pain all over - racing heart & extreme fatigue - not helped at all by sleep - in fact all worse when trying to sleep & after resting! But because of pain cannot exercise or even walk much - got trouble with my hip/back & fibromyalgia since 2000 so am completely fed up not knowing what is causing what symptoms !!!

Dr said to reduce from 125mg levothyroxine to 100mg as too high - this would be why I had these symptoms.

I am due to see the endocrinlogist on Tuesday had t3 for a couple of months but made symptoms worse - so for the last 3 months been back on T4 125mg . Gradually been feeling worse since I last went & cannot shift any of the weight I have gained which is not helping the situation either !!?

Not really sure where to go from here - just keep paying £100-£125 - so want to make sure I know what to ask for when I go again Tuesday !

I also had a full set of bloods taken two weeks ago which he should have when I go - Can anybody explain what these results above may mean & what I should do/ask??

many thanks - sorry for long question ??


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Symptoms could be due to being slightly over replaced, but could also be symptoms of not enough...

TSH IS low, but T4 is not that high.

Maybe you could try the reduction, but keep a diary of your symptoms so you will know for sure if there is any change..




Chris, in many ways, it sounds like an adrenal problem. It is so puzzling when you are hypo and yet medication (hormone) makes you feel worse. Your racing heart might be an adrenaline rush, at least I've read that. Temperature is usually very low with adrenal problems. Do you take your temperature first thing before arising? Are you anemic as well? B12 deficiency can cause a lot of symptoms.

Perhaps these subtitles could help you as well:


Louise /Heloise

Thanks for for these replies - I will keep a diary & read the subtitles - not thought of taking temperature but will do this - when I went 1st time 6 months ago - I had 24 hr urine sample checked as well as bloods - endo said all other things were ok ? Perhaps this has now changed ?

I've been taking iron every 3rd day as I know anaemia can cause leg pain & also magnesium & b12 intermittently too - but not really changing anything at the moment - in fact I hurt all over - not helped by my fibro symptoms either !!

I have sweating too particularly at night - will see what endo says tomorrow!, & ask for print out of blood results too !!,!,,



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