Feeling terrible, how long does it take for meds to kick in?

I've been diagnosed with hypo for 2yrs now. I have a few questions for you.....Just before christmas I had a very stressful time and since then I have gone down hill. My doc has raised my meds by 25mg every other day. Need to get back to feel like me. I hate feeling the way I do... Tearful, shaky, weak, sometimes I feel like I'm going to pass out, that I'm not breathing enough, I've started to wake in the early hours of the morning in fear of dying. I don't take any thing other than the levothyroxine. Is there anything else that I could/should be taking or tested for? I have only been tested for TSH, t3 and t4. My results are T3 and T4 are normal but tSH has gone up to 5.5..... Thank you for your time...

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  • Without knowing exactly what ALL YOUR Results are we cannot help

    Free T4

    Free T3





    Vit D3



    as for raising levothyroxine every other day thats madness every 3 weeks is more like sensible but unless ferritin and folate especially are well above halfway in their ranges you simply cannot utilise levothyroxine so no wonder you are feeling ill

  • you need a higher dose!!!

  • ask for atop antibody test as well as increase of levo

  • Is your 25Levo made by Murcury Pharma and that gave me the symptoms you have. I was on 100/125 alternate Eltroxin Levo. My Pharmacy could not get Eltroxin 25s so started giving me MP Levo. and it didn't suit me at all. I am now on Activist Levo and it seems more like Eltroxin used to be, the only problem is they don't do 25s so I have to cut 50s in half. All the advise here is v.good but just wanted to share that. I have been Hypo for 30yrs. Best wishes.

  • Thank you Kathy... Not sure as I'm in New Zealand, from uk originally. but it is different to my 50's as they don't do 25's. So I decided to cut my 50 in half and take every day not alternate days. I'm feeling 70% human today!!

  • No wonder you feel unwell with a TSH above 5 .I agree you may need another increase ,how long have you been on this new dose .It can take a while for your body to re adjust after an increase . I know it's rotten feeling so awful but there just isn't any quick fix .Has your Gp arrange for you to have another blood test after 6 weeks of upping meds ? Hope you start to feel better soon ,just remember you are not alone !

  • I have only been taking it for 3 alternat days, so over 6 days, if that makes sense. I have decided to take 75 every day not on alternate days. I am due to go back in 5 weeks but did book an appointment for next week as I felt so bad yesterday. Feeling 70% human today.... Thank you for sharing your time and info

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