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Trying to learn about my hypothyroid condition and getting upset that i dont understand it

I have been reading about T4 and T3 and Vitamin B12 and Iron and Iodene and brain fog and TSH and sore muscles and what else goes hand in hand with hypothyroidism and I'm feeling overwhelmed and no idea what I am supposed to do to feel better.

I just want to stay in bed til it goes away but i work long shifts day and night and i need the money.

I have no idea what is important to know about my condition, I have 2 books now 'understanding thyroid disorders - dr toft' and another which i've left at home but i've read them both and still have no idea what I am supposed to do to feel better.

I don't know my levels and i have been on 50mcg levothyroxine for 8 days now with another blood test in 7 weeks time.

Can anyone help?

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Early days yet then, it's very confusing trying to understand how it all works and sometimes I think it's best not to try and read up on it all.

I would leave the books alone until you are feeling up to absorbing the info but believe me even for those of us who have had thyroid probs all our lives it can still be very confusing !

As a newbie just starting out on this great thyroid journey the most important thing for you is to make sure you take your Levo correctly, get a copy of your results so you can keep your own records and try to chill out, let the Levo do it's stuff and rest when you can, it will take time for your body to adjust and there is no point in trying to rush the process. You may well feel a tad worse before you feel better and you will probably need a few tweaks in doses along the way but you will get there.

Good luck and know that you are not alone in this, we have all been there and are around to help.


The other thing that is important is to take a good multivitamin and some extra B12 ,D3 and iron. you can do that before you ask for it to be tested by your GP. Having good levels of these vitamins is important for the thyroxine to work well.

Good luck



But make sure the multivitamin doesn't have iodine in it, and take it four hours apart from your thyroid medication!


how do i take all these vitamins and iron?? is it just taking different things at different times of the day? i take my levothyroxine when i wake up, can i take the vitamins at the same time but later in the day? i also have spatone which i find easy to take, liquid sachets, can i take that at the same time as the vitamins? so many questions lol sorry x


Just my thoughts and everyone's different but I would start by taking something like Wellwoman Vitabiotics 50+, it doesn't have iodine in and has normal levels of everything including iron but not high doses, and let the Levothyroxine kick in.

My son has just been diagnosed about 10 weeks ago and he started to feel a bit better after a couple of weeks but has steadily improved since then. He started on 50mcg, then up to 75mcg after 6 weeks and has noticed more improvement since then. Just make sure you leave at least four hours between taking the Levo and taking iron and vitamins.

Most people find Levo works best if you take it first thing in the morning with water and don't eat for at least half an hour.

I would ask your doctor to check your Ferritin, Folate, Vit B12 and Vit D levels along with your thyroid at the next check, that way if any of the levels are low you can add extra of those to the multivitamin. Ask your doctor for a printout of your bloods next time after having them all done and post the results on here then people can advise if you need to take any extra. The levels the doctors deem ok are rarely good enough for optimum thyroid health.

Good luck and hope you start to feel better soon


Thank you, I hate being so over emotional, i had a couple of good days this week but going back down again now, i know even 'healthy' people get tired at the end of a long week at work etc so i don't expect to be turned into Wonder Woman, just a level where i can cope would be nice!

I will take some iron and multi-vits, the nurse who gave me the diagnosis was just a practice nurse who works in womens health (i expected to be told i was pre-menopausal). So she didn't give me much information, just said 'your thyroid levels are low so you need to go on levothyroxine for the rest of your life'.

I wanted her to be wrong, so badly, but I've just found out a few of my cousins on my mothers side have it too.

Thank you for replying to my rant, it's just nice to know people understand.

Melissa x


I feel your pain, I try to explain to my healthy husband that the feeling he has when he is tired is pretty much how I feel all the time. Just hang in there, the tiredness will ease. Save trying to read the books until your concentration levels get better. I still can't get my head around it but my knowledge is increasing by reading these posts and by reading small chunks of books and putting sort it notes on relevant pages or pages that I want to come back to when I can concentrate more x


*post it notes, not sort it notes lol!!

Reply have had good advice above - it is so confusing for all of us as we continue on the thyroid journey. New research/articles are often cropping up with additional information and sometimes things can appear to be conflicting. At least you do have a diagnosis - which is a good start. Just attend to the basics and do not be side-tracked by the experiences of others.

Maybe keep a little journal for yourself - detailing how you feel - and possible improvements from supplements. You will also have copies of all your blood tests to add to it. Over time you will understand more and more and a pattern will evolve. You may wish to add a note or two in your journal from this site to save you referring back to a file for information. I find being Hashi/Hypo that I do forget things and where the information is !!

This site is great for sharing and learning - so no need to rush - it won't go away !! I have learnt so much from the experiences and minds of others - and often the smallest detail can make a HUGE difference.

Being overwhelmed is I think another symptom of being Hypo....too much information just cannot be processed. Once you are optimally treated you will find it much easier.

Be kind and gentle to yourself and take it slowly......


I have had an underactive thyroid for over 15 years & i am still learning!! :) To be honest i hadn't even really heard of thyroid conditions, but knew i wasnt well & asked the dr for 'some sort of hormone test' :) Lots of people on here who have had it a lot less time than me know loads more, but i know i can come on here (or other sites) & ask if i dont know something - there are some pretty knowledgeable people around. Just remember if you dont know or understand something you are definitely NOT alone :)


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