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So it's all down to being fat!!!!

Letter from Endo received just now.

Calcium remains in normal range,although your vit D levelswhich help to maintain calcium balance are slightly reduced.It would helpful to discuss improving the dietary vit D intake when referred to our Dietetic colleagues, but i do not think you require tablet therapy on the basis of your results.Your thyroid function tests suggest that your current Thyroxine dose is adequate.Looking for evidence of other antibody driven( autoimmune) conditions i am pleased to report that your natural steriod making ability is entirely satisfactory,your vit B12 levels are in the normal range,your body's iron stores are being maintained without the need for additional supplement.Although i had been interested in your problems of haemorrhage following delivery which can have an impact on pituitary gland function later in life.I am pleased to say that the markers of pituitary function are adequate..Growth hormone levels are in the normal range and your hormonal pattern would be compatable with now being in a menopausal phase,I appreciate that a brief trial of HRT therapy did little to improve your general symptoms of chronic tiredness.Whilst all these results are reassuringly normal.i appreciate the ongoing frustration of chronic tiredness and difficulty in achieving weight reduction and i have asked your doctor to refer you for support by our dietetic colleagues and to supplement your own efforts with a prescription for Orlistat therapy.

I had spoke to my GP om the phone last week and he told me results back and everything normal,so i said to him that this is all down to my weight but he told me not to put words in to the Endo's mouth and to remember that i'm menopausal and hypo thyroid??????

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Get all the results referred to, you are entitled to copies of all blood tests, then post all, with ranges please, then you will get advice.


Yes, also make sure Free T3 tested, this is often the cause of "fat" if on the low side.

best wishes,



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