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Can anyone help?

I don't know where to begin , I don't know what are thyroid issues and what aren't! My bloods showed high level of antibodies in oct 2012, gp said to monitor blood in 6 months for tsh and t4. I have had no iron for a couple of years worsening uncontrolled bp heir falling out and nails breaking , also balance problems.

4 weeks ago I suffered labrymthitis and complete loss of balance. Wasn't getting any better so went to a&e blood test revealed very low potassium but all else ok. Bp was very high but was very stressed. Sore lump on my neck doc said gland. It got bigger and more dire and couldn't swallow or talk gp looked at it and said thyroid iris and ordered thyroid tests. I have now started on levothytixine a week ago as hypo. Mybalsn e us not getting any better and still having vertigo, was admitted to hospital last week with bp of nearly 200. That came down and was discharged after few days. I have a stick to help balance. I am now so tired its unbelievable, am still off work due to balance and vertigo which makes me anxious. Having neck scan in couple of weeks as thyroid still swollen. If I exercise or walk it swells and is more sore for a while. A lot of stuff going on I know! I just want to feel better or at least manage things so I can get back to life! :( so fed up

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I'm sorry to hear you are having such a rough time at the moment :(

It sounds like all your symptoms may be related to your thyroid, although there is a chance some could be due to other things. Vertigo seems to be a fairly common symptom with hypothyroidism in people who are not yet on adequate treatment. Until I came onto this site I had no idea my vertigo was related to my thyroid. Since getting my treatment sorted out a bit more, I rarely have vertigo and when I do it is fairly mild.

Your low potassium could also have explained your high blood pressure. I'm not sure if your thyroid could be causing this or not. It would be interesting to hear if anyone knows more about this.

Can you get your iron checked? It is really important to make sure this is at a good level. Other important tests are ferritin, vitamin B12, folate and vitamin D.

I hope you get the right treatment soon so you can feel better. If you have your thyroid blood test results, please post them. Someone may be able to advise you on questions to ask your doctor.

Carolyn x


Hi Carolyn , I have been on ferrous fumarate for two years! Everything is apparently ok ! I have taken bp needs for past 10 ish yrs.but it has been uncontrollable in the past two years. Tsh 5.9 range 0.3-5.5 and t4 10 range 11.5-22.7. Started 25 mcg Levo last week .


Ah, ok. You are definitely hypothyroid. Hopefully, once you get to the correct dose of levo, your symptoms will reduce. High blood pressure can be a symptoms of hypothyroidism so hopefully this will improve too.

Don't settle for a TSH merely within range. It really needs to be below 1 with a T4 near the top of the range.

I hope you start to see some improvements soon but bear in mind that 25mcg is a tiny dose so you may need a couple more increases before you start feeling much better.

Take care

Carolyn x


I definitely agree that vertigo/dizziness is often thyroid related. Last year these were my worst symptoms of an underactive thyroid (together with the anxiety and headaches etc etc). Now that I am on a suitable dose of thyroid meds (in my case Armour), all of these symptoms are pretty much gone. Hopefully you will find the same when you get on to the right dose :) xx


Hi clarebear, thanks for reply. I am not good, I just don't know what relates to what!!! I just tried to walk to shop and it was awful , jelly legs,shaky must be anxiety now I guess!


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