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current test results can anyone advise if ok

Hi, My most recent tests for vitb12 and bone profile are below ,can anyone tell me if they are ok, some of them, havent a clue what they are as fancy names! so if anyone can discipher would be great! so i can rule them out of current prob with feeling bad.Thanks.

b12 612 ( 180-800)

cortisol 585 not sure level

serum alkaline phosophate 79 (35-105)

serium calccium 2.50 (2.20- 2.60)

corrected serum calcium level 2.42 (2-20-2.60)

( whats dif between normal and corrected serium calcium levels?)

serum inorganic phosphate 0.97 (0.80- 1.40)

serum total protein 69 (60-80)

serum albumin 48 (35-50)

serum globulin 21 (20-37)



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Hi Corinne

Sorry you did not get any answers - sometimes people simply don't know, but in this case I feel that your question may have been missed.

It may be worth posting again.


x :)


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