Has anyone tried nutri thyroid with levothyroxine.im on 100mcg

Lost faith in doc along time ago.diognosed 2007. had blood tests in November and via telephone said they were normal.didnt beleive but thought i would wait till it got warmer.I have felt terrible and I came down with a throat virus over a monthago.feel weak stil land easily tired though stil working.last week decided to get resuts .Tsh 4.4 free T4 13 (9-25).ifeel so much better when tsh is low as previous were much lower.Ihave TPO antibodies.I saw a different doctor who agreed for me have Tpo test so i could check level again. Would appreciate your help have looked at natiral thyroid but a bit confused at moment. thanks

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  • Yes i tried it while i was still on levo - it made no difference. In fact none of the nutri products (nutri thyroid, adrenal, nutrigest) did anything for me.

    I ended up ditching levo and the nutri products and have been on ndt for about 8 months

  • Hi You need TSH, T4 and Free T3 at a least for thyroid treatment, with ranges. If GP will not do this or cannot ( as here) then I pay for mine with Blue Horizon quote TUK 10 for discount. The 3 tests ,venous blood about £61 , finger prick easier about £70. Results to you + ranges by e mail very quick. Do not send at the end of the week because of slow post. Then if T4 not top third of range and FT3 not near the top, especially if TSH is a little high. Ask for T4 and T3 . This is normal treatment from Endo`s. some GP`s more reluctant, cost.

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  • thanks went to endo but my dose had been raised so endo thought adequent, no print outs for 2 yrs that i asked for doctor near retirement and told other doctors that was to see him but I see other doctors for other problems. female doctor I have seen for oulled muscle has hypo and was very sympathetic and understanding but her hands are tied.told me medication would remain the same even if antibodies are still high

  • Hi Not impressed! Can you ask to see the Endo again, as so long ago unless you were self funding, you will need another referal. If you are not right, then you need more or different treatment.

    I hope you manage to sort some out. Health vital, thyroid disease miserable without the correct treatment. It took me 20 years, so I know! Bad GP!

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  • Hi critrine, I tried it whilst on 150 mcg levo.

    I gradually added 6 tabs nutri thyroid - one each week for six weeks. I thought that they were not making any difference until I stopped taking them as I ran out and thought it a waste of money to buy more but then, boy did I feel a difference - so much worse.

    The fact that I added them in slowly I was unaware of the gradual improvement in how I actually felt in myself.

    I have now ditched both levo and the nutri thyroid and changed to NDT as I now knew that was the way to go. It is much cheaper that Nutri Thyroid and I am well on the way to getting my life back.

    Good luck whatever road you choose to take.....xx

  • thanks will try nutri but as you say its expensive can only afford two a day so will try for a couple of months then NDT

  • I did find Nutri Thyroid helpful. Before starting I was taking 50mcg of T4 and had a TSH of 5.0, which my doctor thought was fine. I added in 2 Nutri Thyroid a day and generally felt a bit better. My TSH went down to 0.04 (still taking only 50mcg of thyroxine) and my FT4 went to the top of the range. I actually felt worse like this, but think I was on too much T4 and possibly had a rT3 problem. I changed to Armour and am feeling much better - I need my FT3 to be near the top of the range and fT4 to be just above mid-range.

    If you do a search for "Nutri" you will get lots of other peoples experiences too :) xx

  • Thanks have done search will try nutri for a couple months as easier to get hold of and can you name any pharmarcies where I can NDT?

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