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How to improve Peroxidase Antibody levels (currently at 391)?

Hi everyone, I have Hashimotos and when I was first diagnosed my Peroxidase level was 900 it has now reduced to 391 with 100 mcgs of Levothyroxine per day. Does anyone know whether it is ever possible to get this into a healthy range with Hashimotos? Most of my symptoms have gone but I do still occasionally get some. I am still waiting on my T3 and T4 results. TSH is 1.9.

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I started looking for information about reducing antibodies a couple of years ago and found very little, nothing in the UK. But I found a Doctor who seems to know what he's talking about on the internet. This is Dr Alexander Haskell and his website is Hope for Hashimoto's - where there is a series of presentations which I found very helpful in understanding the condition. I then bought his book, which I also value. He outlines a process in the book which he believes will reduce and then eliminate the antibodes. He also believes you can then "restart" your own thyroid. I don't know how much of this is possible, but last year thinking there was nothing to lose I started to follow his plan - and when I had a private test for antobodies in February there was a slight fall for the first time, after 2 years of them climbing. I'm not advocating this or saying it works, but something is happening for me and I feel better now than I've felt for several years. The thing I like and feel confidence in is that he insists his plan must go alongside conventional medicine and taking levothyroxine is an essential part of this.

If you find a way to reduce your antibodies further please do post about it..


Thanks for telling me about Dr Haskell. I found his youtube clips really easy to understand. I don't think I properly knew how Hashimotos worked until seeing them. My doctor is lovely but nowhere near as informed and as good as explaining about thyroid problems. I am going to see if I can increase my dose by 25 mcg as someone suggested that a TSH around 0 is best. I will see what the doc says and will definitely post about stuff if I manage to reduce the antibodies further.


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