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How long for untreated levels to change


Hi had bloods done 4 weeks ago TSH 3.47 (0.27-4.20)

T4 12.4 (11-25)

GP reluctant to treat even tho i have all the symptoms had a refferal to Endo

Meanwhile thyroid peroxidase lab result comes back 129.4u/ml (<34.0)

GP STILL refusing to treat asked me to retest TSH and T4 in 2 weeks

Lab rejected my T3 ( probably because others are "in range")

Just wondered how likely is it that i have fallen into range in 2 weeks or is this going to take years as i already feel so unwell

When i do retest would it be best first thing and fast? Anything i can do to increase the likelyhood of it being in range?

Endo appoint is not until end of April !!!

I cannot believe the medical proffession can allow someone to feel this way for so long before treatment is offered

I (was) a fit and healthy person before any of this ...and now have the energy of a slug and the memory of a gnat and dont get me started on the foggy head.

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Gp sounds like he needs to do a course... You could offer him some help by taking him a copy if the pulse article..... He gets cpd points if he manages to answer the questions. You can get a copy from louise warvill on here.

You arent going to get better without meds... And you are correct in thinking you need to fast and have test as early as possible.

Why not call the endo's secretary and ask if there is a list of people waiting for cancellation appointments, and in the mean time change doctors if you possibly can.... the one you have obviously missed the half days teaching on thyroid.

Xx g

KGeorge in reply to galathea

I have rung the secretary and asked if A) i could be seen sooner ( i have the first available appointment for new patients apparently) and B) yes asked to go on cancellation list

Personally i think the GP refusing to treat because then there would be no reason to see the Endo and he would look like a right prat!!!

I did put up a real good argument on the phone to him but he says HE is not allowed to prescribe and i told him that is not true what ever i said he just had some smarmy answer not to do it he tried to tell me just because i have antibodies that does not necessairily mean i wil develop hypothyroidism!!! I told him i was already "overtly hypo" agghhhhhh!!!!! Stupid stupid man!

Asked surgery if i could see another doctor and they said no as he was the one dealing with it...mind you if i did would they all " stick" together...i feel like screaming

Maybe i could drink soya milk all day every until then to see if it pushes my thyroid over the edge lol

Your results won't get better don't worry they may even slide further. The endo should at least test your t3 if you persist. Try and get as much anecdotal as you can. Don't be angry or upset in the appointment be firm and strong but polite. There is a huge difference in perception. If you go in all guns blazing or whining and upset they dismiss you and go on the defence. Just my experience that's all.

KGeorge in reply to Jodypody

Thankyou...yes i can understand what you are saying there that is the best approach i agree

KGeorge in reply to Jodypody

I am hoping that in 2 weeks these results have slipped and slipped into range or i could be feeling like this for years!!!!

This sounds so much like me back in September. The advice given here is, as always, great although you need to prepare yourself for being dismissed as happens to a lot of folks. I was dismissed by my GP, despite taking in all the relevant information (which he declined to even look at) and although he patronisingly agreed to refer me to an "expert", said person was dismissive of the high level of antibodies and told me, in writing, that there was nothing that could be done as my TSH, T3 and T4 were "normal".

In a strange way, I'm grateful. This means that I've been able to take my health into my own hands with the help of the extremely knowledgeable folks on here, took matters into my own hands and started to self medicate. This means I haven't had to battle for dose increases or fight with my GP any more over blood tests and results.

Every cloud has a silver lining. Well - it may be a smudgy lining but it's not totally black anyway ;)

KGeorge in reply to hunny59

Thankyou and yes i agree, i have seen both on here and in the FB groups this is going on up and down the country and abroad...i dont actually think i would believe this if it wasnt happening to me...i have started supplimenting with reccomented vitamin and minerals and believe me i am certainly not afraid of self medicating...i go to Turkey in april and i know you can buy levo over the counter...thats why i was hoping to see endo BEFORE i went as if he was going to dismiss this i could choose this route rather than wait until i go again end of aug...i seem to be stuck between a rock and a hard place

hunny59 in reply to KGeorge

Are you sure you're not my alter-ego or something? LOL! I ordered some NDT before I had my endo appointment, just in case. Just as well really. He seemed to be nice and co-operative at the appointment and turned out to be just as much of a **** as the rest of ones complained about on here.

KGeorge in reply to hunny59

Think this may be my plan too xx

Hi KGeorge, you will become a believer very soon (I cannot believe the medical proffession can allow someone to feel this way for so long before treatment is offered).

Unfortunately they can continue even after treatment is offered. It is so very common that they lag behind, probably not realizing that it is a complicated condition. Your adrenal health can be involved and the fact you have antibodies may mean you have leaky gut which needs attention. That is often due to a gluten sensitivity which has your immune system in turmoil. Please learn as much as you can since it will go a long way toward healing. You need to do more than just pop a hormone pill.

KGeorge in reply to Heloise

Thankyou for your reply...thankfully i dropped gluten 3 years ago quickly followed by dairy thaen meat in january i noticed a sensitivity to gluten all that time ago i guess that must have been my first symptom so glad i did..currently learning about leaky gut and adrenal health mainly because i go to the gym daily to train so adrenal health is a necessity to me...of course of late i dont have the energy to do what i was doing in the gym but i take every day as it comes and just do what i can but i do partake in something as i worked so hard to get to this fitness level no way am i giving in now!

I have learned like you say it is much more than a hormone pill i think this is why i am so angry at the GP because there i am telling him i go to the gym, eat clean, no wheat/gluten/ dairy or meat ( i do eat plenty of fish and eggs fruit veg pulses seeds and nuts) i tell him in spite of this i have put ON weight when i have been burning 1,00 to 1,800 calories a day some days i do these bloods ( coz i ticked the box while waiting in the blood test queue he only ticked FBC) and he has the cheek to tell me im depressed!!!! Since when did ANY of the above class as depression symptoms you stupid man.

So then I ASK for an atibody test didnt think in a million years it would actually come back possitive but it did then i think oh well he cant not want to treat me now......but i was wrong!


So there a scale on antibody number too? Or will they always be there? Will they always get worse?

Heloise in reply to KGeorge

This is awful and you have worked so hard. I'm with you 100% and after 20 years I just use my P.A. (I'm in the U.S.) for my own purposes but at least she will do SOME of the testing. I'd say for your own mental health not to bother with this person. I don't think he would even notice if you were self treating.

The antibodies are just as "more than or less than" but I've seen much higher from posters here. You know, sometimes there is gluten where you do not suspect but perhaps something else is going on. There are other antibody tests. I'll link three short videos on each.

The only other big problem can be low progesterone and if you have time to watch the video above it will explain. Estrogen dominance is a big problem. Try not to stress yourself and depleting too much energy on exercise at the moment probably isn't a good idea.

KGeorge in reply to Heloise

Thankyou so much you really are so helpfull i wil watch these now

As for gluten i havnt been pedantic over it i mean i dropped the well obvious biggies like bread pasta ect but have had little bits here and there mainly because i gave it all up for health reasons not because i thought it was an absolute must

So are we now saying be totally strict with this? Sure i can do that i have no problem doing it is this one of the " theories " of hashimoto? Or a dead cert?

It is a very interesting subject...looks as if i will be up all night researching.

Although half of me would love to skip off the gym...i fear if i do that i will be allowing my body to slow down further...dont get me wrong i cannot do half what i was doing either cardio or weights it really is remarkable how much i have flagged behind recently purely by not having the so frustrated with myself right now...uou work your butt off to be healthy then you find out you are ill throug no fault of your own and your GP who can see by your file you are never ever ill looks at you as if you were from outer space and instead of making a diagnosis on the actual symptoms tells you you are depressed on no actual symptoms surely that is medical negligence??? Lol so when i am half dead and 50 stone can i claim compensation???? Lol

Heloise in reply to KGeorge

LOL, I was trying to convince people in the UK to go for a class action suit but after three years I've come to terms with the fact you cannot change a whole paradigm. Now it is better to work around them and now that we can get our own hormones you may as well do that. Why butt your head against a wall.

The sad thing, in the three years I have been reading posts, hundreds just like yours, some have gone on to lose their jobs, partners and most of the life. That's why I urge people to learn and take the lead in their own health. Blue Horizon can do your testing, I think you use TUK in some way. You'll have to ask. I don't want to flood you with information but to keep your adrenal/thyroid balance you need to have these levels even to allow your thyroid hormone to work.

I have not gone totally gluten free either. I understand if you do give up something you actually become more sensitive to it.

I just have to add that if you have been hypo for very long, you likely do have deficiencies and typically it's B12 and folate due to low stomach acid which also demineralizes nutrients. I's a pain. I take HCL and enzymes.

I'm full of good news:)

Heloise in reply to Heloise

I mean you need stomach acid to demineralize those nutrients and amino acids.

KGeorge in reply to Heloise

Vit D was in range ( but im now supplimenting) folate and iron was way bottom of the range ( again supplimenting) and B12 mid range so im supplimenting that too to boost it to top of range

Heloise in reply to KGeorge

This shows that the condition does not happen overnight. The thyroid has been producing less and less and overtime the body has to make concessions as to how decreased metabolism is going to affect the individual. That's why Dr. Clark's series of 24 reasons showing low thyroid is so vast. These show three more reasons.

KGeorge in reply to Heloise

Thankyou so much x

Heloise in reply to KGeorge

K, many feel it is an irreversible condition (adrenal/thyroid) but Dr. Bergman in the How to Heal video above doesn't totally agree because there is nothing wrong with the glands that are affected. They are only reacting. If you can fix that reason.......

Best wishes on your search.

My god it sounds terrible. I'm in the very early stages of a diagnosis, I too feel so unwell with tiredness brain fog and low mood, I used to be way more active than this and it's a life stopper

KGeorge in reply to Dutch07

DutchO7 i hear you....i was so active im a complete shell of myself now....i feel i have been robbed!

I am not one for taking any medication i havent had any need to up until now and my immediate search was how to sort this out myself and to be honest im still left thinking im best sorting this out myself...

I just cannot believe how guarded the medical proffession seem to be over a drug that costs the NHS 1p a day!!!!!

Offers me antidepressants but not a trial of levo...nope sorry cant understand the logic????

Sounds like your having a rough time, I'm in early stages of being diagnosed, I feel I ve along way to go. Like you I feel only a shadow of the person I was. Keep going don't give in

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