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Gp has agreed to prescribe liothyronine


Ihad my gp appt today and she agree to trual liothyronine. I have put my order in and should receive in 3 weeks.

I currently take 175mgs of levothyroxine. Gp has given 20mgs to be taken twice daily. Ill be splitting the dose a bit more though.

Should i invest in some good quality vitamins?

I take magnesium too

I have three weeks to get ready

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tuf5ty in reply to helvella

Thanks rod. My chemist has put it on specialorder and supplier said would get in 2 to 3 weeks. So fingers crossed

Hi,, out of interest, do you have your recent thyroid levels to hand? Are you going to start on that dose or ease in gradually?

There is a post with my levels in it from last week. My t3 was 4.1. I rely dont know yet. Need to do a bit of researcg.

Hi tuf5ty. I also want to approach my gp about taking T3. What did you say to persuade her? I'm ok on 125mcg thyroxine but have hair loss. My T3 is similar to yours. Any advise would be really interesting and help me in my quest. Many thanks. Ali

tuf5ty in reply to Flowers2

Firstly I paid and had private tests as the lab have always refused to do a t3 test. I then read the Anthony Toft book and highlighted extracts from this to give to my gp. I then made a whole list of my many symptoms and did loads of reseach. I printed everything I read and booked a double appointment. It just so happened that it was with a gp I had never seen before. I showed her my private results. Told her I was really fed up of feeling ill all the time and we went through all my symptoms. She then just said wow you have researched and I see there is no reason not to trail T3. The only trouble I have now is that I can't get any :-(

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