GP won't prescribe!

Hi everyone, I've recently asked my GP if I can be prescribed NDT on a named patient basis. I have been treated for depression for years and truly believe this is a symptom of my hypothyroidism although my bloods are 'normal'. My GP has advised that they cannot prescribe NDT as is it listed as a 'black drug' by the 'Pan Mersey Formulary'. I've tried to research exactly what this means but cannot find anything relevant. I'm desperate.... can anyone help? Can anyone who is on any form of NDT advise me what my next steps should be?

Thanks Claire

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  • The Pan Mersey Formulary is described in this PDF:

    Quite clearly it states:

    These are not rigid guidelines. Where necessary, Tertiary, Secondary and Primary Care prescribers should discuss the appropriate management of individual patients personally. On occasions, both parties may agree to work outside of this guidance. This document supports the approach taken in the GMC Good practice in prescribing and managing medicines and devices (2013) guide:

    The use of the colour-name BLACK is intended to imply a status - of being absolutely forbidden and MUST NOT prescribe - which is not actually supported by the words when you get to that section.

    It is attempting to warn prescribers not to prescribe without even reading the guide.

    If they were actually trying simply to provide an identification by colour, they could easily have chosen more neutral colour-names.

  • Thank you! Really helpful!

  • Sorry to but in here but topic the same . My daughter is also attempting to get NDT on the NHS . She has been prescribed it by an endo that she first saw on the NHS and then privately . She has a private prescription for Armour that was costing £100 per month but has just now increased to £150 . She is young and finds this on top of cost of living very difficult ,but would rather not self medicate and have the proper care of the Dr .The DR and endo agreed Levo making her ill . Now she is fine and can work as normal .i have a print off of the pct,s and have highlighted in her area . I have printed of the links you have given above . She is going to write to the Dr including pct info , will it not be right to include you info also ?

  • I wish you the very best of luck.

    I suspect the link would only be of any use if you are in the Pan Mersey area. (No - I don't know where the borders are.)

    Maybe your CCG would have documents available?

  • Oh I see ,didn't realise that was a specific area thought it was a document name , no use in Avon then ! Yes probably flogging a dead horse but worth a shot I guess !,

  • This is a Rebuttal which was sent to the BTA and RCop by Dr Lowe, before his death and despite three yearly reminders for a reponse, the ignored him and his, in depth, Rebuttal. What would you expect!!!!

    Considering that NDT has been prescribed since 1892 and is called a 'grandfathered drug' due to it long use and safety. Better still it made lots of people well and there were no blood tests then, and doctors knew the clinical symptoms. In these modern days, it's all down to blood tests and ignorance of clinical symptoms. Do you wonder why many remain undiagnosed and untreaed/undertreated.

  • Post your 'normal' bloods and you may find people willing to help. :)

  • Thank you. I will request them and post asap.

  • Always get and post the ranges as well as they differ from lab to lab. Your surgery may not realise this as only familiar with yours but we may well be used to something different.

  • Thank you...will do!

  • Also B12 levels are key to feeling good - along with VitD -Ferritin - Folate 😆

  • No, its very rare a GP will prescribe unfortunately. I have had to source and buy my own. Many are doing it. I have never felt better since starting to take it 2 years ago.

  • Thank you for your reply. Im really interested to know where you buy it from as I'm willing to do that. Would really appreciate it if you could email me <email address redacted> x

    [ Email address redacted by admin. There is rarely any reason to post your personal email address here. People can contact you by Private Message. For your own protection, the email address has been removed. ]

  • We don't post on the open forum of where to source prescribed medications. If any member has information they'd send a private message.

    To send a Private Message you just click on the person's name and it will take you to another page and you click Message is on the top right-hand of page. The message with be between you and another member(s).

  • Thank you so much for your advice x

  • If someone sends you one you will see a red button appear beside your name. Press and it will take you to the appropriate reply(ies)

  • GP can't prescribe something they don't know about. You have to go to an Endocrinologist to get anything more than levothyroxine.

    It could be worth a shot seeing if you can find a qualified, open minded Endo who has other patients on T3 and NDT, they're a dime a dozen but they're out there.

    Good luck!

  • Yes, very difficult :( I have an NHS Endo who prescribes NDT to her private patients, but still insists it's not possible within the NHS.

  • In the UK the guidelines don't allow prescriptions for NDT as rumours have been spread about it but many people do get well and it has been in use in various forms since 1892. It also contains all of the hormones a healthy gland would produce.

    The above link was sent to the BTA and the RCoP but despite three yearly reminders, they never responded to Dr Lowe's Rebuttal, probably as they could not give an adequate response.

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