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Just came back from the doctors

Just came back from the doctors my Tsh is 0.5 my ft4 is 16 I still feel crap I asked if I could trial t3 he said there is no other treatment for hypothyroidism apart from thyroxine and that an endo wouldn't see me as my results were in range.So fed up I just want to feel like me.

He said T3 wasn't on th list of drugs recommended by NICE.He was lovely though did say he'd get my t3,Vit d and b12 tested though.

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He may be nice but wrong if he thinks T3 is not listed by NICE. I get mine via the NHS prescription (when supplies allow!!!) and my GP has told me he has personally prescribed it to others without going to an endo. How much are you taking? Do you take other supplements?


I'm taking 150mcg I have had to force this as I was on 100mcg and Tsh was 4.73 I phoned for my results and they said no further action normal.Then I came on here and went back and they increased it after 2 mths my Tsh was 1.73 on 125mcg but my ft4 was still only 14.7 so I asked for another increase and got 150mcg Tsh is now 0.5 (0.35-5.5) and ft4 is 16.

They tested b12 and it was 332 so I have been taking vitamin b12 but this is the first time they have tested all the others so haven't been taking anything else.

It seems they want to keep you on levo for as long as possible.

Thank you for that information that is very good to know.

Best wishes Vanessa


If you get the booklet by Dr Toft Thyroid Disorders and mark the appropriate part re T3 and send it to your GP as I believe it says in it that T3 can be added.


Not sure what he means. So far as I can tell the main NICE site mentions neither "liothyronine" nor "levothyroxine"! Further, NICE has not produced guidelines on any thyroid disorder except one - Retrobulbar irradiation for thyroid eye disease.

It is not necessary for NICE to recommend a medicine for it to be prescribable.

But, if that is where he is, it will be difficult to get past his view, I fear. Such a shame when an otherwise very pleasant doctor has what looks like a mote in their eye.



He did say he was going to look into it just so frustrating,he didn't know what armour was.He did say get my tests redone with calcium,Vit d and t3etc and he would see about referring me but when Tsh was normal no one would see me.He did say to bring the book in with me next time as well.And that he would ask his colleagues about t3.

It sounds awful but I think a lot of the time patients never complain there seems a lot on here but I know my friends mum has hypothyroidism and she said she has just resigned herself to feeling like rubbish.

And there are huge numbers who just believe the doctors are always right and just to accept it.In truth I went for ages feeling rubbish just thinking this was just how it would be.I wonder how many just keep taking the tablets thinking feeling a bit better is better than nothing.

Not to mention those that don't even access the Internet.

I couldn't comment on the NICE guidelines as I didn't know so although he seemed not to know any other options he at least seemed open to looking into it which is at least a step in the right direction.

But how can this be how would he not know?

Thanks once again Rod you always give very sound knowledgeable advice



Not knowing what Armour is, I feel to be a permissible gap in knowledge. After all, it is a USA product and, to the best of my knowledge, is not positively marketed outside the USA.

You are spot on right about people resigning themselves to feeling like rubbish. And, without intentionally blaming anyone, this is why the medics claim that almost everyone is wonderfully well on levothyroxine alone. They simply don;t know and assume lack of actual complaint is because the patient is thrilled with how they are. (Which might, of course, be much better than they would have been without any thyroid hormone).

I think those of us who have been around for a few years have seen so many people come out of the woodwork and explain that they have felt not 100% (or maybe not even 10%!) that we are deeply sceptical about how well the long-term treated hypos are. Though I counter that myself after having seen several older, very long-term sufferers who seem to thrive on just levothyroxine!

Sorry - is anyone in the position of not having access to the internet?:-)

More seriously, with friends, family and neighbours plus libraries, etc., I feel that the majority of those without access are so through choice and/or ignorance. Not that they do not matter or do not count. Internet access should not be a prerequisite to decent treatment.

If you go to the NICE site:

Put anything you like into the search box. There is precious little thyroid information/guidelines - pretty much only mentions in the context of other issues.

We have seen several people claim that typical doctor training has half a day on thyroid. The emphasis in endocrinology has clearly been very much in other areas - most notably diabetes, "sex" hormones, and the extreme issues like Addison's, Marfan's, etc.

Some of us here have had the privilege of being able to spend time reading, learning about thyroid and pondering in relative leisure compared to a typical GP who is inundated by so many concurrent issues.

I try. But please, never believe a word I type. Always, and I emphasise, ALWAYS, check up on everything I post. During the Reagan / Gorbachev era we heard the phrase "Trust but verify".



I always look up things myself it would be unfair to put the onus on one person.If you was to say take whatever because it's really good I would look into this myself before taking any advice but whilst I do not feel 100% on thyroxine I feel a lot better than I did and that was down to advice on here.



I am sure you do, Vanessa. That was as much (or far more) for everyone else as for you! :-)

Have a good night.



He did mention a website as well manage the mind and suggested jogging on the spot for 2 minutes to manage my anxiety.


I think I'd tell him to jog on!


I had my 2 sons with me so refrained but husband did suggest it's about time to change doctors maybe!


LOL! xx


My results are in range and my Gp had no problem referring me to an endo. Also my Gp didn't want to prescribe T3, which is why she was happy to refer me. My endo prescribes T3(although not all do).

I's say if you won't let me try T3 then could you please refer me to an endo that might, I'm sure he'd be happy to pass the buck. Good luck! x


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