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Getting the most from my GP!

I've recently been feeling all my old thyroid symptoms (pre-diagnosis) but my brain fog, poor vision (problems focussing, driving) and stress seem to be the most severe they've ever been.

I requested a blood test which was "normal"....

T4 20.3

Free T3 3.6

TSH 2.14

The first doctor refused to refer me saying there were no grounds to but after much hassling he said to increase my dose of Levo slightly which wasn't a great solution!

He was terribly unsympathetic.

I wrote to another doctor (my actual GP) at the surgery requesting all my blood results from the last 3 years to potentially take to a private specialist plus explained my situation and he wrote a lovely letter back saying that he'd like me to go in to discuss things and he would of course refer me also. He said that looking at my results they were in range but "not perfect"....

I'm filled with confidence for my appointment but would really like some advice on what to say!!! Specifically regarding alternative treatments to Levothyroxine. And also how to get myself feeling my best even though my results are in range.


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Hello Sandyparks, your FT3 is very low considering you have a good store of FT4. I'm not convinced you're converting from the T4 in Levo. Do you have ranges? Is that FT3 at the bottom of the range? Your TSH should be less than 1 on treatment. I'm not sure an increase in levo will do anything when you obviously need more T3 in your system. It's expensive though! Some people get it prescribed but a lot of us are having to buy it online.


do you have your previous blood tests too ?

It looks to me like your not converting levothyroxine T4 into the T3 your cells need to function

Your ferritin may well be low as might be vit b vit c vit b and magnesium

ferritin must be over halfway in the range or you cant convert t4 into t3


I agree with Helcaster & RFU. You are under medicated with TSH over 2 but increasing Levothyroxine isn't going to help with what looks like a conversion issue. T3 in addition to T4 would really help. It is expensive for the GP's drugs budget which is not your problem but cheap as chips if you buy it online. If your GP won't prescribe tell him you will buy it online, sometimes it persuades them to trial it for a few months.


where do you buy T3 online?? this is the same problem for me.

Thank you!! Sandyparks, I Hope this gets sorted for you! What great advice from the others! Thank you guys!! it has helped me also! Now I just need a source of T3, if you could message me or reply that would be fabulous, thank you!

Best wishes


Replies identifying source that supply prescription medicines without prescription should be by Private Message ONLY.

There are sources of T3 that require a prescription. If GP is willing to prescribe, then that widens your choice of sources.


hence why I said message me or reply because I didn't know how it worked. thanks


My response was to anyone thinking of replying, I got the impression you understood, at least mostly! :-)


obviously not!! LOLOL, thanks though... wish I didn't have foggy eyes as well as brain!


I experienced symptoms like yours when I was on T4 alone, and I did a bit of research, asked for a referral to an endo (and my doc agreed) and asked if he would prescribe some T3 in addition to the T4, which he did. I was lucky and I know that doesn't help you! But I agree with others that your T4 is quite high and T3 quite low so adding some T3 should help. It got rid of my brain fog, low mood and fatigue. I took a book into my consultation with me. I hope someone comes along and can recommend something. I think maybe Dr Toft's book, Understanding Thyroid Disorders does say something about some patients needing T3, so I would check or raise a new question on this site. The book I took with me 5 years ago is probably out of date now, so I won't recommend it. Good luck.


Thank you thank you everyone!!

I'm going to let you all know how it goes and keep my fingers crossed. This site is a constant source of support xx


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