Just got back from the doctors ;( help

Just got back from my doctors, she is sending me to a head a neck urgent suspected cancer referral, ? Do I have cancer ??

Blood tests came back normal I also said what about the T3 and T4 she said everything came back normal, which makes this urgent ?? Next min she is writing me up to go to hospital got to wait now does or has anybody else had to go though this please reply xx ;((

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  • Your GP has probably felt a large nodule which rightly requires further investigation.

    An ultrasound scan with fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNA) are necessary to diagnose whether a nodule is benign, inconclusive or cancerous.

    You'll be given a local anaesthetic and the doctor will insert a large needle into the nodule to withdraw cells for biopsy while being guided by the scan monitor. The procedure is uncomfortable because you lie with your throat thrust up and will be bruised for a couple of days afterwards.

    I was lucky to have results the same afternoon but it is more common to have to wait a couple of weeks.

    I hope your tests are benign.



  • Hi there,

    I've just been here myself - had several ultrasounds and three FNAs which were inconclusive and so opted for a hemithyroidectomy. I really didn't find the FNAs that much of a problem . I had them done in two different ways. Once with just some spray on my neck and twice with an injection of lidnocaine first. I preferred the latter. It is a bit swollen for a few days but quickly goes back to how it was.

    It can be a bit of an anxious wait for the results but try not to worry, most of the time these things are benign. I know that's easier said than done though !

  • Thank you, as am sitting here I can feel my face and ear neck and back,of my head feels strange like a sensation like a numbness is this part of it, neck hurts and feel pain in my arm over the last six weeks but got worse is this all linked ?

    To the lump on my neck ?

  • Maybe pushing against the nerves ?

  • You all had local when you had FNA?? I didn't :( he just stuck the needle in :( in 2 different areas as well!!!!

  • Sorry to hear you had nothing :(

    When I had it done with just the numbing spray on my neck it was pretty uncomfortable - I guess the radiologists have their differing ways of doing these things. With the lidnocaine it stung for a few seconds but the FNA itself was barely noticeable. I had the needle go in in multiple areas too.

  • No local for me either and not something I would like to go through again. Well worth having done though for peace of mind. Janet.

  • Snap! The registrar that did my FNA refused to give me a local because his argument was that he'd have to inject that anyway. The pain was astronomical because he was putting the needle into a calcified nodule, a nodule that was not fleshy but as hard as stone! When it was removed they couldn't do the biopsy whilst I was in surgery because they couldn't cut into it it was so hard. Therefore, they had to rely on extracting the cancer cells via injection, another FNA to drain the contents.

  • I had scan and radiologist wrote 'suspected cancer' on my notes in large black letters. I was called by endo and he opened file and there it was in black and white. I felt sick. They wanted to remove half thyroid in the week. I took a breather and asked for FNA, Had that done and nothing serious found. Opted for Carbrimazole to treat hyperthyroidism (T4 nearly 70) and then monthly blood tests until now only on 5mg ever other day. Feel well, glad I hung out. It's different for everyone. Always to with someone who loves you to hospital. And keep hold of their hand. x

  • I know I got a letter in front of me as I am reading yours, in black and white saying head and neck urgent suspected cancer referral ;( scares me

    Taken today off work to think about things, boss not to happy even the fact I could here a little compassion... In the background

    The thing is it's keeps changing my moods from nice to not so nice in a way am looking for support from my partner but I can't find it, Saturday was up A&E I could tell he did not want to be there, think he thought it was a pick up bar looking at others so I told him to go home so he did, he seems to be pushing me away if I get a little needy, then he asked me this morning are you going to get a sick note .. He more worried if I am going to get back to work, he lost his last partner from cancer, and his partner before with liver problem she was only in her twentyfold well they where not together anymore but he visited her, and brought her second hand clothes as she put weight on because of the meds, she died because of drink, and deb died because of smoking

    But I don't drink or smoke, I was at the gym every day for 45 mins, now I can't do five mins. ;( hopefully be able to once I get better xxx

  • sounds as if your boyfriend has gone through serious losses and can't really cope. Would look elsewhere for support in the meantime. Can't demand it off anyone. No wonder moods are so up and down given how scared and unwell you are. Could you ask GP for some free counselling, that sounds at the moment that it would help you. Also ask GP to write proper sick note, one that would stand up in law court. x

  • Truly would rather be alone than with someone unhappy with, is very bad for body and soul x

  • I had numbing spray, its not pleasant but tolerable, I wouldn't say it hurts really. I felt it more uncomfortable afterwards as it obviously made it swell a bit.

  • Lovejoy,

    It might help if you contact the specialist's secretary and ask whether there is a MacMillian nurse you can talk things through with.

    I'm sorry you are so frightened and have to wait for news. ThyCa is still uncommon and the nodule may be benign although it may still need removal if it is compressing a nerve or windpipe or otherwise causing problems.

  • Hi Lovejoy,

    I've gone through having investigations for thyroid cancer and my FNA was 80% suspected cancer but they didn't know until my calcified nodule in my right lobe was removed and biopsied. I had follicular variant papillary thyroid cancer and it was removed a year ago. If you want to PM me for some support, please do and I'll do my best to reply.

    Good luck xx.

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