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Could this be the answer for you (part 2)?


Thank you to all those who contacted me after part 1 a few weeks ago.

If you didn't see that blog you can find it here:

I have now had a chance to watch another video, this one made by the doctor in California who we saw in February, explaining the unwanted role that mould biotoxins can play in the body.

Unfortunately the audio quality of some of the video is quite poor, but there is LOTS of information on it which may explain for some of you the reasons behind your poorly functioning pituitary gland, and the consequent effects on your thyroid, adrenal and sex glands. It may also explain why you are having trouble losing weight, and just cannot shake off other symptoms, despite the fact that you are taking thyroid/adrenal/sex hormone replacement.

I must stress that this will not be the answer for everyone but when you consider that it has been shown that 25% of the population is genetically susceptible to this condition it may just be that this could be your answer.

I am well aware that finding someone in this country who will diagnose and treat this condition may be very hard, but I feel it would be very negligent of me to not make as many people in the UK as possible aware of its existence.

Our family has been looking for answers for over 20 years and now we have some.

Jane x

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Thank you for posting this Jane, I do remember your original blog so it's good to have an update. Will watch this later.

How is your daughter doing now?


Thank you for your interest Cinnamon. Unfortunately the picture is a little blurred at the moment as Caroline is spending her every waking minute with her beloved old horse Rosie who is seriously ill, and this has definitely impacted on her own recovery. However, I will say that I have every faith in Dr. Nathan. Everything he says in the video and his book, and what he said to us when we were in California makes such sense both for Caroline and my late husband from whom we believe she received the genes that are giving her such problems. I only wish my husband had survived long enough to see Dr. Nathan too. She has managed to increase her dose of cholestyramine which is taking the biotoxins from her body, so we look upon that as some kind of progress. I will keep this site updated of progress. Jane x x


It is good to hear there is progress, from what I have read it does take some time. PR

Thanks for posting an update! I really hope your daughter can recover through this, she's very lucky to have you fighting for her :) X x x

Thank you Jane for this update. Glad to hear that Carolyn is progressing on her journey - but so sad to hear of Rosie. I feel very fortunate to be on this forum and be given the opportunity of learning so much from you and others.

M x

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