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Age versus test results

Just concerned about a response i got from my GP when i went about new symptoms which may or may not be related to my thyroid condition. The GP told me that most people of my age were on 100mg of meds and raised mine to that from 75mg and not on my symptoms or blood results. I had gone to see here because my symptoms had changed and i was concerned it was my adrenals. She told me it was not my adrenals as adrenal problems are a all or nothing condition...this is not the information i have been reading as even when some people are very unwell with their adrenal they can have good or bad days and flutuations in their symptoms.

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.....down to training I suspect ! When they fail completely they can recognise it - but preventing and supporting the adrenals with supplements comes under the realm of Functional Medicine or Holistic practitioners. The NHS is rarely about Preventative Medicine - we have to practice that bit ourselves !

Lots of books and websites cover adrenals well - but I expect you are on your journey with that ......


thanks for that,i have booked an apppt with Dr, P to try to sort this out.


I would go back and ask for another blood test. I have been hypo for about 20 years and age has had nothing to do with how much medication I take. it goes up and down and only a blood test decides, not the whim of a doctor.


Yes its making me much more vigulant


As I see it, the GP is unlikely to know how careful his other older patients are. They might be taking their levothyroxine with breakfast. Or not at all.

At the same time, there might be some interesting facet to the observation itself. If only we had any faith in it.

But as grounds for changing dose without any other reason, it appears bonkers.



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