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Trying to lose weight?

I went low carb for 18 months and lost 3 stone (from the all-time high of 16 st) and then failed to shift any more.

Now I am thinking about trying the 5:2 diet - has anyone on here tried it, and did it help?

I am a bit concerned that dieting strictly might cause problems with converting /absorbing thyroid hormones?

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Hi. You;re lucky that you were able to lose 3 stone on low carb. Nothing seems to have shifted mine until......I did the 5:2 diet.

It really works and I am gradually losing the excess weight as well as looking different facially somehow ie for the better.

I also feel amazing and have reduced a bit of my medication (I think Im actually on quite a small amount now). It was almost as if I felt ill on the original dose. I also seemed to start putting more weight on when I upped it because I thought I was suffering from under medication.

When I reduced it back down, I felt great.

It really is easy to follow because you know that the next day you can eat fairly normally ie not over excessively though. Im losing about 2 1b a week which is marvellous.

Good luck with it.


p.s. I know some people think that to do this diet could be a strain on your adrenal glands and at first I thought that may have been the problem when I didnt feel quite right. However, I now feel that somehow this diet has affected totally how I feel for the better.


Well done Number 1, are you using the 5-2 book, or making up your own regime?

I need to shift a stone, and like you upped my meds', that made me tired, and put on more weight.



Gosh - so you feel better? Wonderful!

That is a real goal for me, and if some weight comes off too, I would be thrilled. I have sent for Michael Moseley's book, and the other one written for preventing/slowing breast cancer.

The reason I asked was because I have just lost half a stone accidentally - I had a nasty virus and my throat was too sore to swallow anything for nearly a week, so it was an unintended fast. I thought I'd pile it all back on, but not so far.

I was a bit worried about strict dieting having a bad effect on the body's ability to absorb the meds, but that is very interesting that you have needed to reduce the dose. So it seems we should monitor closely.

You have certainly given me the impetus I needed to give this a try. Here's to the next 3 stone!


Hiphypo, before subjecting yourself to all sort of more or less horrible diets, you should make sure you're hormones are optimised. Do you have copies of your bloods - TSH, FT4 and FT3? What do they say? Because if the levels are too low, you are going to have a terrible time losing weight. I really think that ought to be the first port of call.

Hugs, Grey


I too have just started non the 5:2 diet (not bought the book, just following the principle of 500 calories on 2 days per week. The weight is coming off nicely (1lb a week, sometimes 2 - and I only had a bout a stone to loose) and I feel better for it. It got easier after the first couple of weeks and it is great knowing that you just have to get through one day then you can eat pretty much what you want the next day. I look for things that are really low calorie and snack from about 10am, I can't go hours without anything because I get shaky and feel awful.


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