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Lab refusing antibody test - Any suggestions?

Hi - my name is Dan, I'm 30 years old and I highly suspect I have thyroid dysfunction. I won't bother listing all the symptoms but suffice it to say, they all point very strongly towards Hashimotos's - in addition I have a swollen thyroid and also severe sleep apnea due to "narrow airways".

I had a thyroid function test carried out back in 2010 which came back with a TSH of about 2.4 and a free T4 of 9 (just below the reference range at time). Though the T4 was low, no action was taken by my GP.

I had another function test carried out about 2 weeks ago which came back with a TSH of 0.67 though no free T4 result was provided. A GP (not my regular) agreed to refer me for antibody test after taking my myriad symptoms into account and the reasonably big dip in TSH. Unfortunately it appears that the lab has refused to process the antibody test as the TSH was within reference range. When I initially enquired about the result the response the surgery gave was "Normal - no further action needed". A far cry indeed from the reality - Had I not pursued for exact numbers I would not have discovered the lab's refusal.

Anyway, I feel absolutely awful - I look like a ghost, my eye sockets are pitch black and it's another entire week before I can see another GP. I'm starting to wonder if the condition (assuming I have it) is causing some neurological issues which have been occurring for a couple of years now - specifically periods of disorientation and dizziness with significant cognitive impairment (such a period occurred earlier today shortly proceeded by the smell of non-existent toast). Does anyone have any suggestions as to my next course of action? Perhaps details of private bodies who would carry out the test?

On a side note: A point which may or may not prove significant - I'm adult ADHD and am currently taking 60mg of Methylphenidate a day. I've not seen much in the way of literature but does this drug exacerbate Hashimoto's in any way?

Many thanks for reading,


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Hi dan... You can self refer to somewhere like the London clinic enriochronology dept and pay for private help.....


Hi Dan

Do you eat gluten? May well be worth looking at this as it is indicated with ADHD and hashi. I know a lot of people on this site use Blue Horizon for private testing. It has been my experience that GPS are not interested in Hashi or its impact on health. They mostly all feel that if your TSH is within range then any symptoms must be all in our heads or due to something else. Good luck and keep asking questions. I have learnt so much about my condition from ths forum. X


Dan, your GP needs to contact the Head BIO SCIENTIST by phone or by letter to emphasize exactly why the test needs doing. This is in the Bio Science dept not where they take the blood. This is more likely to result in your getting the test done. If this does not work then you can make an official complaint to that same person and copy it to the complaints dept, the Chief Executive of the Hospital and your GP. I have done both and both has resulted in my tests being carried out!


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