Saw dr skinner today....omg!

Dr skinner is totally amazing!

i met him today, what a character, put me at ease, was thorough, patient, amusing and professional...although he did pinch my 10 month olds crisps.. I shall bill him ;-)

in a nutshell. He confirm hypothyroidism! He recommndeds increase of thyroxine from 50 mcg I'm on at the moment (a trial from the GP) to 125 mcg in three intervals over the next 9 weeks.

i may need more, but will be reassessed in September.

Need MRI dong to rule out pituitary tumour, due I high prolactin. He did say the levels will come down as my thyroid function recovers.

I feel like a new woman tonight, the fact I have been treated well, believed and diagnosed has made me feel like ive turned a corner. It can only get better hopefully now.

Next the fun bit, will my GP honour Dr Skinners diagnosis and prescription... Tomorrow I will have the answer to this question :-)

An added bonus is I have found out I can claim half the consultation appointment back through the hospital fund. Happy bloody day!

he is worth every penny!

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  • FANTASTIC, well done girl :)

    he's my hero too Dr S.

    I'm seeing him tomorrow for my follow up, been his patient for 18 months now, I love him to bits, you're in good hands x

  • How refreshing to hear of a Doctor happy in his association with patients- unlike the many defensive, stressed out and 'impossible to relate to' GPs/Endos out there- and we've all met them!

    Just goes to remind us how far many of them are from their original aim in serving humanity (well).

  • I've seen him. It's wonderful to see a doctor who listens and believes you. He's the only doctor I've seen who did a thorough examination and asked many relevant questions. I wish there were more like him.

    Totoro x

  • Dr S is a very special human being and a great doctor.

    I doubt GPs/Endo are in the same class (economy class / Hell ) as Dr S (First class / Heavenly) if you get what I try to mean?

  • So pleased to hear you feel better.

    Could you please tell me where Dr Skinner is based & how much a consultation costs?

    Thank you

  • Hi, just e-mail for a list of private doctors (Dr S is on it) plus their charges to:

  • Dr S is ace. I see him too and it is only since doing so I have made vast in a million! :)

  • Brilliant! Hope it all goes well with your GP :)

  • How did you get on with your GP. X

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